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    hbsterling reacted to King of Memes in Buy just a new CPU or also a motherboard?   
    just update the bios and switch your cpu, and the 5600x is a good choice if your gaming
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    hbsterling reacted to FRD in Buy just a new CPU or also a motherboard?   
    Nope, I think there will be a totally new socket after AM4. For sure it will be a new chipset like 650 or 750, who knows.
    DDR5 and USB 4.0 will be on a whole new platform in general, just because of the speeds that are not handled (yet) by today's components.
    By that time we all have to upgrade our platform (motherboard+cpu+ram probably).
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    hbsterling reacted to curiousmind34 in Buy just a new CPU or also a motherboard?   
    https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/All-series/TUF-B450M-PLUS-GAMING/HelpDesk_BIOS/ here is the link to update your bios @hbsterling
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    hbsterling reacted to Tan3l6 in Buy just a new CPU or also a motherboard?   
    No point changing motherboard for just PCIe 4.0 support.
    Just update to the BIOS to latest, before switching the CPU.
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    hbsterling reacted to kelvinhall05 in 720 60 fps worth it for webcam?   
    I think most webcams that do 1080/30 should be able to be configured for 720/60.
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    hbsterling reacted to Kilrah in 720 60 fps worth it for webcam?   
    Depends what you use your webcam for. If it's for skype/zoom/etc they all drop to potato resolution and <10fps anyway. 
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    hbsterling reacted to xg32 in How To Test CPU Thermal Throttling?   
    there are sections of p95 blend/fft tests that uses about 130% of ur real world power draw, so personally i recommend cinebench and blender spams. If you are testing for gaming, parts of the farcry 5/total war 3k/ashes is good enough to test gaming stability when u leave the frame rate uncapped.
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    hbsterling reacted to Haro in How To Test CPU Thermal Throttling?   
    use a stress test like cinebench r20 or prime 95 or aid64. and if temps reach somewhere around 90/85c plus, the cpu should throttle, or just watch the core clocks and check if they go down. which should be around 90/85c plus.
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    hbsterling reacted to Mateyyy in How To Test CPU Thermal Throttling?   
    Fire up a stress test like Aida64, stress the CPU, FPU and cache and let it do its thing. Iirc the monitor on Aida64 does actually tell you whether your CPU's throttling or not, but you can also check using HWiNFO64.
    Normally, your CPU should start thermal throttling at 95-100C.
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    hbsterling reacted to xg32 in 3000 C15 Vs 3200 C16 Vs 3600 C18   
    if you are in the US those prices don't look right, look at newegg instead. corsair ram is all overpriced compared to gskill btw, and worse. So it's just for the looks.
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    hbsterling reacted to Enderman in 3000 C15 Vs 3200 C16 Vs 3600 C18   
    I would stick to 3200 since that's the standard max for ryzen, although I think you can OC and get 3600 working sometimes, so up to you if you want to try that.
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    hbsterling reacted to nick name in 3000 C15 Vs 3200 C16 Vs 3600 C18   
    Newegg had some G.Skill 3200C14 b-dies for under $110 USD.  I'd look for those.  Though don't use their cheapest shipping option.  I did and my package got lost and now I have to wait another 10 days for them to refund my money.  
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    hbsterling reacted to Jarsky in Ubuntu for Nas?   
    Sucks in what way? I ran my Plex server on Windows from 2012 - 2017. 
    You could just run Windows 10 Pro without activation? The only limitation is the watermark and personalisation options disabled...not a problem on a 'server' you will probably access infrequently. 
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    hbsterling reacted to porina in Best software to remote access Windows   
    I've had good results with TightVNC, with certain consideration. Under Windows 7 it was fine, but under Windows 10 then depending on the GPU you have, setting a desired resolution may be a problem if a monitor is not connected. I don't know if it is the GPU driver or Windows changes, but it is annoying. Anyway, it seems Intel is less affected, but nvidia and AMD certainly are. The only workaround I've found so far is to buy dummy HDMI "monitors" which is a bit annoying. BTW I use this to manage a farm of crunchers in winter.
    Why don't I use the Windows Remote Desktop? I want a "like I'm there" experience, and there is no weirdness when using VNC. RDP sessions are not like being there, it seems to do some virtual display stuff, and that can also cause problems if you have GPU using applications. Ok for random desktop stuff, but I wouldn't use it for anything demanding.
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    hbsterling reacted to Jarsky in Ubuntu for Nas?   
    Not sure why you're telling me about servers when I'm a systems engineer....I support approx 50000 servers as a day job across Windows and Unix and all hardware/virtualisation infrastructure.
    My question is directed at the OP. Windows 10 only complains about a reboot approx every ~3 months, and you can avoid that by setting your active times and schedule a reboot for low activity times (e.g 3am) to reduce impact, there's no reason to have downtime. The overhead of the GUI is negligible on modern hardware, especially if its a baremetal server (single instance). 
    My point is, if he just wants a basic fileshare and Plex/Emby, Windows does that perfectly in an environment he's familiar with so should be considered as an option if he just wants something that works without a learning curve, which the nature of his questions suggest. 
    You could just use their docker and it will automatically update on docker restart which you could just set as a cron job. Or a very popular script is mrwolfs plexupdate https://github.com/mrworf/plexupdate
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    hbsterling reacted to paddy-stone in How Do I Share locally across network   
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    hbsterling reacted to xentropa in How Do I Share locally across network   
    If you want to use the crappy windows file sharing, first you have to enable file sharing in control panel, then you right click folders on your pc and set the sharing status.
    Another way is to use filezilla server, then map a network drive using the IP of the filezilla server.
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    hbsterling reacted to Radium_Angel in Intel Rapid Storage Technology RAID?   
    You are doing it properly. Part of the 18GB will be used as parity, and the intel RST monitor will tell you if something is failing (or it should, there should be an icon in the taskbar that shows the status)
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    hbsterling reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Ubuntu for Nas?   
    you would have to download the plex deb file.
    Normally just ssh in then type 
    wget https://downloads.plex.tv/plex-media-server-new/
    then sudo dkpg -i plexmediaserver_1.19.4.2935-79e214ead_amd64.deb
    and now plex is installed on ubuntu server
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    hbsterling reacted to zeusthemoose in IP Webcam or DroidCam Wireless Webcam   
    You might want to take a look at the ltt video about cheap/free streaming. They used one of those (can’t remember) in there.
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    hbsterling reacted to marmour in IP Webcam or DroidCam Wireless Webcam   
    I use Droidcam cos I can use it over USB. Very simple to set-up on Android and video quality seems fine
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    hbsterling reacted to Froody129 in IP Webcam or DroidCam Wireless Webcam   
    I use DroidCam on iOS/Windows. Works great and is simple and easy to use. Not sure what else you would want. The only issue is that my rotation seems locked. So my phone has to be sitting a particular way, which makes managing the USB cable more cumbersome. You can also just use it wirelessly though.
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    hbsterling reacted to minibois in 3 Pin fan and 4 Pin motherboard compatible??   
    I just simply noted PWM (4 pin) fan control can be more fine-tuned, but that's not to say DC (3 pin) fan control is bad or whatever.
    It will of course still work.
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    hbsterling reacted to LogicalDrm in Which Noctua Cooler?   
    And you have tiny case then? U12A would be better than these low-profile ones.
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    hbsterling reacted to Dr0y in Which Noctua Cooler?   
    My gf has the nh-l12s in an nzxt h550 case and it performs well cooling her i7 2600.   Don't know if it means anything tho cause it's a really different cpu and case than what you have.  Installation was quite easy and it has a nice look when the fan is sitting under the rad.    Check for ram clearance tho.