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    Zanshi got a reaction from colonel_mortis in Dual Data Leaks of Blur, Town of Salem Impact Millions   
    I hope my edit will work.
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    Zanshi got a reaction from LukeSavenije in Dual Data Leaks of Blur, Town of Salem Impact Millions   
    A lot of users have been impacted by a data breach affecting two companies. One of which is a password manager. Password managers need to be more secure and better at holding data to avoid these issues. Maybe we need to take a step back and have a talk about people using applications such as KeePass over online storage of passwords.
    Password-manager Blur and role-playing game Town of Salem both disclosed data breaches this week that impacted a combined 10 million.


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    Zanshi reacted to Speed Weed in 750W PSU is it enough?   
    750W is more than enough for any single GPU setup. 
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    Zanshi reacted to lmeneses in 750W PSU is it enough?   
    You have more than enough with a 750w
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    Zanshi reacted to LukeSavenije in 750W PSU is it enough?   
    more than enough. I would recommend using two separate cables for that vega.
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    Zanshi reacted to Delicieuxz in windows 7, 8, 10 performance with same hardware?   
    Performance wise, they vary from game to game. A lot of games are comparable in performance, while some games or game-engines are appreciably faster in one OS rather than the other. If you want to play specific games, then I suggest looking up specific OS-comparison benchmarks for those games.
    Performance aside, Windows 7 is a smoother gaming experience without doing any additional tweaking of your OS. At the same time, UWP games won't run in Windows 7. But then, do you want to play UWP games?