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    adriel604 got a reaction from Anonymous12556 in 250D mini ITX Water Cooled, Sleeved, Rigid Tubing   
    amazing man
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    adriel604 got a reaction from mikeeginger in My DEFINE R4 - Update & NEW pics!   
    This is my 2nd build but a lot of my parts came from my 1st build so technically this is my.. 1.5th build?  Anyway, still really new about computers but my enthusiasm grows every day.  Just wanted to show the linustechtips community my rig so I can get some feedback and any tips you guys might have
    I use this computer for gaming, picture editing, light video editing, movies, studying and web browsing.
    case:  Fractal Design Define R4
    Mobo:  MSI Z87-G43
    CPU:  i7 4770k
    cooler:  h100i with cougar vortex w/ blue LEDs placed in pull exhaust
    Ram:  Patriot Viper 8gb
    boot drive:  120gb Kingston SSD
    storage:  600gb 2.5" drive HDD
    GPU:  ASUS GeForce GTX 660 2GB
    PSU:  bequiet! 750w bronze rated
    Fans:  2 UV blue Gelid & 2 black cougar vortex
    extras:  1 blue usb strip for a backlight effect & 2 UV cathode sticks
    I know I know! First thing I will probably need to upgrade is my hard drive... I will get a 1tb in the near future.. and bitfenix blue sleeving is on the way!
    ** A couple updates **
    - Bitfenix cables arrived and installed
    - flipped my rad although I'm not sure if I'll keep it this way.  I think I like the other way better.  Thoughts?
    - put some carbon fiber looking vinyl accents

    I definitely need to do something about those ugly wires from the PSU.  Thinking about just wrapping it in black tape.

    photo shoot in the kitchen.  Whats up  B)

    The rats nest.  I know it looks pretty bad but I did try to make it somewhat organized.  It's not seen anyway.. oh well 








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    adriel604 reacted to Karumu in Raven - An Extreme R.O.G. Experience   
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    adriel604 reacted to Kyuubixchidori in What is the best looking PC you have ever seen?   
    this by far
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    adriel604 reacted to ilikemacandpc in What is the best looking PC you have ever seen?   
    The best looking affordable pc would be this:
    My favorite of all time would have to be this though: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/12550-my-r4/

    the minimalism is exquisite. 
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    adriel604 got a reaction from Lucious_DeMorte in Do i push further   
    I would bring it down to 4.2 so you can put that voltage down.  I personalyl wouldn't be comfortable with 1.338V
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    adriel604 got a reaction from zsdegawe in Test, just a test   
    heartbleed </3
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    adriel604 reacted to dmegatool in PWM?   
    My board has 2 PWM CPU_FAN and 3x3pins. I pluggued my heatsink to the SYS_FAN and the rest to my fan controller. Never got an error or anything...
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    adriel604 got a reaction from Bad@Gaming in 650$ PC Build + Monitor! [Buying TODAY]   
    8gb is all you really need for gaming.  Especially if it's just LOL he'll be playing mostly.  I am confused if you think 16gb is necessary for gaming.  Especially with a $650 budget.  
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    adriel604 reacted to ONOTech in Mom Build   
    so much overkill. 
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    adriel604 reacted to Damikiller37 in Amazon's smartphone revealed in leaked photos   
    Looks like ex-Nokia employees got themselves a new job
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    adriel604 reacted to Bad@Gaming in 650$ PC Build + Monitor! [Buying TODAY]   
    I'm sorry, but this is horrible. Why on earth would you recommend a $300 i7 for a $650 build? And you don't need more than 8 GB's of ram for modern games.
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    adriel604 reacted to coen113 in 650$ PC Build + Monitor! [Buying TODAY]   
    bro. thats like half his budget on the cpu, plus, the gpu for gaming is much more important. plus. 8 gb of ram is enough
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    adriel604 reacted to bronsonp4htdude123455 in linus tech tips live chat!   
    Any one else think that ltt should have a live chat so community members can chat quickly and easily?
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    adriel604 reacted to SAV1OUR in First fully build PC 4 me.   
    my god that cable management 
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    adriel604 reacted to calarahil in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    well bitch at everyone else who does it to thank you very much. Not everyone is going to format their replies the way you want them to. You don't moderate so I'd suggest being a little nicer about your requests thank you.
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    adriel604 reacted to Wferr in Do you use Windows Aero?   
    GG My windows 8.1
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    adriel604 got a reaction from Sonefiler in Did I win the silicon lottery?   
    OP mentions he has a h100i
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    adriel604 reacted to tryphaa in Did I win the silicon lottery?   
    Silicon lottery really refers to OC capability.
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    adriel604 reacted to MrYuriy in Help Installing H100i   
    Why Push/Pull config? You will get roughly .00001% Performance/Temperature Boost over just Intake (Pull).
    Especially if they barely fit, just ditch the idea. Just my honest opinion!
    Disclaimer: Linus Sebastian agrees! lol 
    As far as the Y-Adapter Cable, it's so that you can plug 2 fans into one Fan Header on the Motherboard.
    Therefore, plug your 2 fans into the "Y" part of the cable, and the other side (female) into your motherboard.
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    adriel604 got a reaction from DoubleY in I got bored, so I took photos   
    That dog shot is great.  good job and nice cam
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    adriel604 reacted to ChrisCross in Fractal R4 HAWK(Update May 27th 2014)   
    that ram looks really good
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    adriel604 reacted to mightytech in NZXT H440 white/blue Build   
    Just trying to keep our awesome tech safe. Even though there is a very low chance of it happening,the point is that it can happen. 
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    adriel604 reacted to mightytech in NZXT H440 white/blue Build   
    One thing to note. Don't lay your motherboard on the anti-static bag. The inside is anti-static but the outside is conductive. That is how the anti-static ness works. 
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    adriel604 reacted to dragosudeki in Need some case fan advice   
    You could go with Bitfenix Spectre (Pro) fans. Cougar fans are pretty good too.