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    Lagercat1 reacted to Silentprototipe in hey gril are u intel because ur about to get fucking destroyed   
    Top 10 quotes im gonna steal 
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    Lagercat1 reacted to Adorable Cat in call me a GTX1650 because I'm a terrible disappointment.   
    oh right
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    Lagercat1 reacted to seee the state im in nooow in call me a GTX1650 because I'm a terrible disappointment.   
    but unlike the 1650 you're an adorable cat :c
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    Lagercat1 reacted to _StrikE_ in -snip-   
    @Lagercat1 real world ? Bah....
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    Lagercat1 got a reaction from TopHatProductions115 in -snip-   
    aww asd to see you go, anojoy the real world for a bit
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    Lagercat1 reacted to Skanky Sylveon in Estranged act 1+2 free on steam for a limited time.   
    I have nothing meaningful to say.
    So first. 
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    Lagercat1 reacted to ripanotha2013og in I have some spare money and i dunno which to go with fallout 76 or rainbow six siege.   
    @Cyberspirit lol what refund policy
    As someone who really likes the 3D Fallouts and has both 76 and Rainbow Dicks, I'd personally lean to R6. Don't get me wrong 76 isn't as bad as the internet dickshits would lead you to believe, but there's just so many little fuckups with it that I just cannot get into it and have more or less abandoned ship after 18 hours.
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    Lagercat1 reacted to _StrikE_ in -snip-   
    @82223 approximately 133-135mm, my caliper is broken so i had to use something else that's why approximately...