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  1. Activation in windows 10 uses your Hardware as a pc blueprint for easy activation.
  2. Because all the downloads I get are botched. If it will not work with separate hardware then it won't isn't all like that. Also windows 10 uses a blueprint of your hardware for activation for a machine. So in activation it won't work. Besides I just discovered through trying to install Linux (it failed) my motheboard is now fried (due to a EFI thread from the windows installer that had to do with detecting hardware and using driver's) so my sata controllers are gone. The board is done. I have to get a new PC entirely.
  3. Yeah sorry i wrote it at 4 in the morning originally and well after what i have tried and the stupidity of microsoft i wish steam proton was better at supporting games and i would not care. but steam isnt supporting my game library so i cant play fallout 4 and R6 siege. i can basicly play csgo on linux and nothing else.
  4. I considered this. So i got in the mail today a new USB trying both USB drives one a generic 2.0 and a new 3.1 drive. I installed windows 10 on a spare family members computer to test the drives. Seeing windows 10 install using the drives that way i deduced one of two things. A Microsoft dose not put the chipset drivesrs for the MSI board i use. Or due to some unknown driver update (i am going to point to the 1803 update) my pc dose not work with windows. But linux works and i cant use linux as gaming and software compatibility is not working to what i would desire.
  5. It has worked no problem since i bought late 2016
  6. MSI Aegis Desktop Mini ITX proprietary mobo with B150 Chipset Intel i7 7700 LGA 1151 16 Gigabyte DDR4 2133 MHz Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB 1 Western Digital Blue 1TB 1 Seagate Barracuda 3TB
  7. I have ran days long hard drive tests. Running memtset86 at 16 passes for 16gb which is also long. Also errors like Kernel Security Check Failure or System Service Failure have to do with system files in the installation that are important and protected. Or a exception in how a system thread has a error the installer cant fix and it shuts down (much how a memory over flow in windows happens when a ZIP bomb is used.)
  8. I download the Windows Media Creation Tool with that link as my laptop uses windows (so the website detects it and gives me a exicutible to download windows) I have tried using a linux redone chrome book to get it as a direct ISO it ends in the same result a BSOD with a annoying Service System Exception or Kernel Security check Failure (Due to a Corrupted install file and also the fact Windows 10 1809 is unreliable and by extent 1803. So i cant install any supported version of windows 10 to download. Also Microsoft support is no help)
  9. Thanks mind contacting me on something besides IRC? (i am a windows user and IRC clients dont get along usually and i left the IRC scene after i lost all my contacts)
  10. its more of a problem is every version of a iso i get is borked (install.win curruption most likely)
  11. No i do not have a working OS that is the problem.
  12. That is what i tought. But i dont have a diffrent mobo or setup for my Intel i7 7700 and GTX 1060 3GB
  13. Ok hello. Windows 10 (which i use for gaming.) on my main desktop is not installing. I have hounded MS tech support for help. But they cant help me. For the past month every time i try to install windows 10 i get a blue screen at about 40 percent done when the windows installation says Getting Files Ready For Installation... 40% Then a BSOD happens either ending in System Service check failure or Kernel Security Check Failure. Before everyone asks hardware i checked my ram with Memtest86 (no errors) and also a HDD test for the 3tb and 1tb drives. Both work. BIOS-UEFI is up
  14. Thank for the Like on my profile.

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      Trying to get a good idea for some programming.

    3. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      Im not that good with programming, but i know that this forum has one, even thought this is more of a pc building forum.

      So go check that out.

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      Yeah but all the good programming forums are dead and have been.

  15. I have tried Azure and for what i want to do (large Microsoft-SQL or MySQL) going to towards my end goal of game development. Also I am not to inclined of trying to navigate the confusing and blocked off features of the free Azure tier. Also hosting is expensive. Sites like Go-daddy or Blue host charge for a entire year for hosting and getting a domain separate from a hosting service which will still charge a good amount for a VPS (that you wont get scammed) Also most VPS solutions are not able to be scaled up easily.