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  1. when you open phoenix miner the box should open with all kinds of info. usually when you first enable compute mode it says "compute mode will be enabled after a reboot". or if there is any errors they will pop up in the first few moments of it being opened. if you could please take a few screenshots of the miner as it boots up and post it here so i can see if there is anything odd.
  2. Damn that sucks yall bring me down, i have a pint or two with my dinner and day drink on the weekends. I'm also a homebrewer so i have an average of 20 gallons of beer in my kegerator at any one time, it holds 6 kegs so has a max of 30 gallons.
  3. If you open a mining program like phoenix miner and use the -acm in the line will enable AMD compute mode. I dont know of any way to change the mode for things like F@H
  4. yeah i've done it before in parking lots when borrowing someone else's car that i cant find as easily as mine. Its pretty commonplace at repair shops where they have a large lot of cars and just grab a set of keys. It works because your brain is a lot of water and that amps the signal. you can play with your kids by doing magic water bottle trick. get out of range of the clicker to work then use a water bottle in front of the clicker and it'll work.
  5. you can find rubber grommets at places like AutoZone. they are pretty common in automotive repair and stuff to run wires and cables through the firewall or any metal hole
  6. it takes a while (like an hour or so) for your hash to equalize, there will be large fluctuations in the current hash speed. your average will be similar to the reported speed the speed your miner says in screen is the reported speed
  7. short answer NO long answer hell no if you buy BTC through paypal you are not actually buying BTC as you cant spend or send it anywhere and you don't have a wallet. Basically the BTC bought through paypal is like them saying you own x amount in BTC but you don't have access to it in any way unless you want to sell it back to us. If you want to turn your BTC to a fiat currency like USD or EURO you need to send the coin to a exchange, I use kraken.com and they are very user friendly. once your funds arrive in that account you can then exchange it for fiat, then transfer that
  8. i guess you are referring to the 21 million BTC that will ever exist. Read this article that was already posted then read it again in case you missed something. it is rather well written and informatry and should answer any questions you still have
  9. I don't know about using it outside NH however, looking at the graph nicehash has on their site you don't gain squat from using it. And you also need to remember there is a variance in your spped just by the nature of it. My mining rig with 6x 570s goes between 140 and 185mh/s so it's hard to justify a .01 boost by using their software. My one 5700xt goes between 44 and 103mh/s. Now if it's configureable to mine in a different pool besides NH then I'd say go for it, nothing to lose, but if not I don't see the point in using it.
  10. stop using nicehash unless you love to pay fees that aren't necessary. Anyway GPU mining is all about the VRAM so my 5700xt stock is 1750 ram and i have it at 1900, vs the core clock of 1950 i have it dropped down to 1400 because its not needed and with it clocked lower it saves power and runs cooler, im on water so cooler is a moot point but its always nice to have less heat to dissipate.
  11. for BTC once all the 21 million coins have been mined the miners will still mine and the profit will come from the transaction fees. like right now a block reward is 6.25 BTC and an average block ends up having a value of about 7.1 BTC +/- that difference is the fees of like 2000 different transactions.
  12. UGGG all you people using nicehash is just sad, they are good if you are buying hash power for like a solo lottery run, but they suck for use as a mining platform with all their fees its just absolute crap. Anyway once you have some BTC or ETH or whatever coin in your wallet you can sell it on an exchange for either a different coin or for a fiat currency (USD, EURO, exc) then transfer said currency to your personal bank account. I use kraken.com as my exchange, the fees are next to nothing and the UI is very easy to navigate and i have not had a single issue with them for the enti
  13. yeah nicehash fees are complete trash i highly recommend you move somewhere else. For profit margins your probably gonna have best returns mining ETH, that's what i have my rig mining at this time. i love ethermine.org they have a 1% pool fee which is fine and payouts are consistent and you can set your payout to as low as 0.05 ETH. for setup and running i use Phoenix miner its very easy to setup and has a ton of config options, sometimes the newest version comes up as malware with virus programs, (pretty common for mining for some reason) but its totally cool just tell your vir
  14. it would make complete sense hotter fluid would flow faster. i mean if you take cold oil it is pretty stiff compared to hot fresh out of an engine oil is gonna flow all over the place and splash about easily. I would expect water to behave in a similar manner of flowing faster/easier when its hot compared to cold.
  15. Bruh did you even read what i said? i am mining btc with several ASIC and i'm mining eth with a solid GPU, your response had absolutely NOTHING to do with the question i started this thread for. I want to know if there is a way to see what my best share is on my ETH miner. Like it says share found 579GH or share found 1128MH is that a measure of difficulty, and if so WTF does it mean?
  16. so i've been mining for like 5 years now mostly BTC but off and on with ETH. for the last year i've been pool mining my eth on ethermine.org and its great but i wanna to try my hand at the lotto so i'm dedicating one of my rigs to mine solo so now i have 55mh/s rolling solo and i want to know is there a way to see how close i was to finding a block? Like on my solo BTC lottery rig i can look up either on the miner or on the website it shows a "best share" and that is what my closest was. I KNOW, I KNOW my next share has the same odds as my first share of finding a block but it's just a ge
  17. Ok years ago i had a disc with a bootable version of XP it was micro XP and it was live bootable meaning its like a linux distro you can boot to it from a cd or usb and play around without ever worrying about anything since its not actually installed, but you could get inside and fix things if your system isn't booting or something. Anyway that disc is loooooog gone but i still have a copy of micro XP.iso however i was wondering if it's possible to do a win 10 version. also how TF do i do it? because this was like 10 years ago and i sure as hell don't remember how i made a liv
  18. ok i think i read this right, so your dryer works if you take it to a different house but nothing works if you try to use it in your house, correct? if so it is 100% a wiring issue in your wall. depending on if you have a 3 or 4 plug outlet, the old 3 prong ones had 2 hot an 1 ground and they used the ground as the neutral and as long as the neutral is tied to ground in the breaker box you're usually good. the 4 prong outlets have 2 hot 1 ground and 1 neutral, if you have one of these as most modern homes have been swapped out to 4 prong check the wiring is are the hots in the right
  19. yeah car charger, i would always pull them apart and solder on a connector to a asip battery so we could charge our phones in the field. This was before everyone had a powerbrick but the army always has asip batteries and they are rechargeable
  20. i have 3 screws in my MB right now its a full ATX with 9 screw holes, i didnt feel like using all of them since its a 2 month temp install and i dont move my system ever. and even so its secure i did a diagonal line with the screws so its not going anywhere.
  21. That tiny ass foundry for over 400 bucks is crazy you couldn't even fit 1 can in there you'd have to cut the can into strips or run it through a shredder before it would fit in that. Making your own foundry is pretty easy and relatively cheap depending on how far into the woods you wanna go with your melting. if you only want to do it a few times then you can get away with a 5 gallon can and some concrete with a propane torch but its fun to melt stuff and you're gonna keep on wanting to melt things once you've started. or for a cheaper ready to go option check out this one htt
  22. the fuck? a cricket farm, that's a thing? i just get my fishing crickets from out in a field. you have a cricket farm at your house that's too many bugs too close to the bedroom
  23. i'm more questioning your desire to have 3 huge rads in your system, Like why bro? just seems way overkill for just 1 GPU and 1 CPU the 1x 480 rad should be fine for the both but a second if you really wanted, 3 just screams WTF? When you solder your joints just do a good job and don't use excessive amounts of solder that'll creep into the inside of the lines where the water flows, i've pulled apart lines in a house before that had enough solder in 1 joint for like 5 joints the excess solder was just there chilling inside the plumbing
  24. The joys of 2 different contradictory statements, what do you need to use rubbing alcohol on your plastics for? if you really gotta clean something just hit it with some super diluted soap and run through the system. on the outside same thing just scrub it down with a rag and soapy water.
  25. yes you can. I know because i have a dual pump system and my second pump is a backup and is always off so only one pump is running. The pump that is off just sits there and lets water pass by like it doesnt care. There is prob a small amount of restriction it causes but its next to nil.