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  1. i already decided to go for h500m thanks anyway btw r5 2600 2x8 16 gb aegis. gskill 3000 mhz r9 380x 650w cooler master lite 2013
  2. i have 120 gb ssd, m.2 512gb ssd and 1 hdd 1tb for storage
  3. i only like 200mm fans lol but what about cougar panzer
  4. Hm why isnt h500p good, it has 200 mm 2x fans and it should have good airflow?
  5. Is LL-CC-120 Cooler going to be enough to keep my r5 2600 not overlocked cool currently with stock cooler its at 87C
  6. Will this case have good airflow and should I buy it its really cheap too
  7. ok so when i start up pc i need to go to bios and enable xmp and thats it then just save and exit or i need to modify something else?
  8. No i meant the ram that i bought is 3000 mhz XD thanks for help i downloaded aida64 and c15
  9. I think that cpu will be great upgrade from my a10 7700k ;D
  10. lol but like what should I test about it to make sure it is completely fine?
  11. So im buying used r7 1700 in 2 days and guy said he cant test it so im going to test it on my system and what should i test about cpu like cinebench it etc what score should it be Btw im going to test it on B450 Aourus Elite and 2x8 16gb g.skill aegis 3000 mhz ram