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  1. Due to all said it's fine. I quote all together and reply. Is it real 650w will run fine? The 27x i didnt oc it, only oc slightly voltage for the ram to run 4x 3200mhz. Because there got people(other forum) asking with 550w,750w powersupply but seen like nobody with 650w asking. Also the leadex 1000w is legit, only downside its old product. The pricing i check was on local reputable pc hardware store, not random aliexpress nor taobao. Maybe i wait it release and check out the total power consumption later? So to decide i switch power sup
  2. Current build, R7 2700X 8G x4 ram 2 nvme, 4 HDD(max can be 8 HDD) 5x 120mm fan Gtx 1070 Evga G1/G+/G1+ 650w power supply(not recall which model, 650w is conform) Straight plug-in 320w monster rtx 3080 is a no-no. So i plan to upgrade 850-1000w power supply. Which i should start? Because i never go above 600/650w before, so has no idea what kind of power supply i will need. With early search, i found one 1000w brand new power supply with weird pricing: Superflower Leadex Platinum SE 1000W only about 100-150usd (after conversion). I
  3. thank's for the help. I think I manage to run the system with nb 1.1v, ram 1.35v.3200mhz on 18-20-20-36 or something similar timing. Seen like the nb voltage was too low for 4 dimm. Only 0.7v as I seen that day. Yet stress test on ram. Using few days no issue but will do it later while free.
  4. BIOS updated to second latest 2019 dec. as the latest was beta. I not the OC guy, just simply switch the xmp on.... DRAM 1.35 is talking 1.35v? what is soc... I have test the XMP1(2933)/XMP2(3200)both unable to POST. maybe is was the cpu hard limit?
  5. Spec: 2700x MSI X470 gaming pro carbon 4x 3200mhz Kingston predator rgb. Situation: Recently added two more sticks of ram into system. Previous two sticks was running with xmp profile 2 3200mhz. But with 4 sticks, system won't post with any oc. Only manage run it default speed 2400mhz. (yet testing 2667mhz)
  6. Quite hard to 'aim' a fan to the nvme heatsink as it located a slot under first pcie 16x. So my palit 1070SJS all the time block it.
  7. Apologies for late reply. The nvme 70c was under my msi x470 gaming pro carbon heatsink. With themal pad of course. As it 70c less likely to kill itself. So I recently plan to get two noctua(yep, I skip China alcheapo fan) for 140mm intake. And take the current front 140 to exhaust. To increase overall airflow. Budget set about 25usd each. Currently have few fan in wishlist: NF-A12X25(this slightly expensive about 35usd) NF-A12X15 NF-A14 PWM NF-A15 (yet sure my phanteks front can mount or not) NF-P14R(slightly low budg
  8. crystaldiskmark. 1Gb x5 lowest 56c (today quite hot) max 70c
  9. Ops. Gpu temp only 65 max. The concern was the pm981 nvme. It idle at 50 and not under load.
  10. Here with the hwmonitor. about 10 minute each for valley and superposition. ambient temp about 32c.
  11. No problem. I got valley in my pc too. Of course everyone hand have different feeling to temp. So I will check the rpm with temp.
  12. What software you suggest I make it under load? Loop the app like unigine super position without benchmarking it? This stock fan super quiet. But it's air flow seen too low as I put my hand back of the casing(rear exhaust). Tonight I will check the case fan rpm on bios maybe it run too low rpm.
  13. From previous i open the case was 1 year ago. seen like I wrong recall. my case varaint is dual 140mm. one on rear, one on front. both 140mm. no label fan....(i think phanteks included...so i don know spec)
  14. Fan model for the case fan I currently using or model I wanna to buy? If 'model I wanna buy' I yet survey other model. The model like corsair, noctua will skip as it single fan cost 40dollar +.