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  1. Preferably without using autohotkey, as I have heard that some games will issue bans for using ahk.
  2. I regularly use virtual desktops in windows 10. The shortcut to switch virtual desktops is ctrl+win+left or right arrow key depending on which desktop you want to switch to. I would like to create a macro that does this, one for ctrl+win+left arrow and one for ctrl+win+right arrow. I am having trouble creating this macro because the arrow keys are already in the function layer on the ducky one 2 mini. Anyone have any ideas or know how to make this work?
  3. I currently use a single speaker connected to the audio out on my monitor, as well as a headset connected to the audio on the back of my motherboard. Is there any way to set the speaker audio output to mono while keeping the headset audio a stereo output?