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  1. I need 5 slots to connect each room + 2 AP (thinking ahead a bit, but will start with 1 AP) Yes PoE is needed for AP Its 5+KK 2 level house. Internal walls have wooden construction with isolation layers I run on mobile data, so speeds can differ on each location. Didn't test actual speeds on the new locations but maximum is 250 Mbps, shouldn't drop bellow 100 Mbps based on my experience. There will be an option to connect to a fibre, so its one thing I can look forward for future proofing.
  2. OK, so a normal Ubiquiti switch should do the job or am I looking for something special?
  3. Hi guys, I'll be moving to a new house soon and want to create there a "small" network for my devices and make it a bit future proof. I'm a total newbie in this area and seeking help / suggestions What I know for now: Each and every room in the house will have ethernet connection with cat6 cables My Internet is provided via LTE SIM router and I use mobile data (don't want to change it, has a lot benefits for me) The router will be in one room near window for better signal My PC will be connected via cable for stable connection, also wifi module is not av
  4. Also think it`s dead. It wasn`t plugged into anything, just the detection tool. Eco mode was off, so fan should be spinning all the time.
  5. Yep, not exactly with a paperclip, but with detection tool provided by EVGA. This is the result. Without it the fan won`t even start spinning.
  6. Nope, LEDs were still on.
  7. Hi, yesterday my PC just didn't turn on. LEDs on MB were working while PC was off so some power has to go through. When I turn it on, it just spins fans once and they they stop. Seems like it can`t handle higher power requirements. I took the PSU out, plugged EVGA`s detection tool on MB cable, ECO mode set to off and just flipped the switch. PSU`s fan started to spin and stopped right away. Is the PSU dead? I uploaded video to YouTube:
  8. Removing the battery for a length of 1 LTT video, did the trick. I put it all back together, got some boot issues but figured it out and now just need to fix my RAID 1 HDD setup and I`m back and running. Thanks for your help, guys! My wallet was getting sad but this fix made her very happy
  9. Thanks @Digideath, think I tried cleaning cmos a button on the back of my MB but for sure turned on the PC with all 4 sticks of RAM. I`ll give it another go and keep you posted. I tried to disable fast boot, didn`t have any effect. I didn`t turn on XMP in BIOS, also CPU-Z shows my RAM sticks running at 1076 MHz as are all JEDECs, so it should be off.
  10. Think I already tried it but with all 4 sticks of RAMs. I`ll give it another go and let you know @bmx6454
  11. Hi, my PC started behaving weirdly few weeks back. Maybe both issues (described bellow) are related, maybe they are two separate issues. PC won`t boot on the first try When I turn PC on, it won`t POST with DRAM LED being turned on. Mouse and keyboard receive power (LEDs lid up) but I can`t use them to restart, operate and I don`t get any visual output with the monitor (tried Display Port, HDMI and different ports on graphic card). After a hard reset, it works fine but I don`t get any visual until Windows boots. Can`t enter BIOS For some reason I can`t enter BIOS, usual
  12. I`m about a year late for RMA in our country. I`ll disassemble the PC and check it online with manufacturers, but my hopes aren`t high. Maybe I`ll give it another spin and if it won`t work, think a new MB and CPU combination is the only way to go Od do you see another option?
  13. Yeah, it disturbs me quite a lot. Don`t think its the GPU or RAM based on testing. I got a new PSU for the test, got the same result. Just fans started to spin and immediately turned off. Same goes for everything else. Don`t have any other extra bits I could swap. Could there be a way to save the system? Its like 3 years old and I`m surprised it stopped working in such a short time.
  14. Hi guys, two days ago my computer was working fine, since yesterday it decided not to post. Think its playing dead on me, but for so long, its not funny anymore. A power goes to the system, LEDs on the motherboard light up when I just plug-in PSU just like before. After pressing start button on a case or motherboard, fans spin once and everything turns back to previous state. I hear a noticable click in PSU, possibly a protection inside the unit itself? Tried taking it apart, removed GPU, RAM and kept it to PSU, MB and CPU. Still nothing. Just 00 q code pops and turns o
  15. Cables are already in the building, so I hope I could use it. We`ll see the feedback from the provider. Thanks