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  1. Quick question guys and gals.... WIth my new MSI board, there are more options with the CPU Ratio Apply mode in Bios. The selections are as followed: All Core, Turbo Ratio, Turbo Ratio Offset, and Per Core. I know what all core and per core modes are, since I have overclocked my old 6700K and those where the two options then but now with my new 10700K I have the two new selections. By default, the all core is selected. Does anyone know what the two new modes are related to? I believe it is related to the new turbo boost technology in the chip and if I want it to boost to 5.1GHz I need one of t
  2. Right now I am running at 4.6ghz @ 1.33 or 1.325.. cant remember right now.
  3. I understand that but after you lock the CPU down with the attached holder on the motherboard, the IHS wont move.
  4. Perfect! That's what I was thinking about doing but wanted to see what others have done. thanks!!
  5. So with your delid, did you guys reseal the IHS or just let it float and use the motherboard clamp to secure it to the PCB? I am looking to delid my 6700K and use LM but was wondering if I should reseal the IHS or not. thanks Steve
  6. Thanks, I really like the way it turned out. For remounting... I removed, cleaned, and reapplied TP and same results. When i removed the block, everything seems right. Spread looked to be very even with no signs of issues. I want to delid but not sure how confident I am in myself doing it. At this point I might just let it go but happy to hear it sounds normal.
  7. I did and nothing seems to be clogging it. The flow seems fine and my flow wheel never seems to slow down, haha.
  8. I was thinking about delidding my 6700K but if these temps seem in range then I might just let it go for now. thanks man!
  9. It is non-delidded 6700k. When I dropped back to stock speed and voltage, it would still max out in the mid 80's. I don't remember it ever hitting 90C but it would pop around 88C then drop. Again, never have any issues with thermal throttling.
  10. Recently setup a custom water loop in my Lian Li case. Loop order is reservoir -> GPU ->CPU -> 360 Rad -> reservoir. When idle, both GPU and CPU sit around 27C. With normal PC use, the CPU will hit mid 50's but when gaming or stress testing the CPU, the CPU will hit mid 80's and pop to 90C once in a while. For the most part it sits in the mid 70's but jumps at times to the 80's and 90C. GPU max temps hit 55C while gaming or stress testing. Something seems off with the CPU hitting that high. Does that sound correct? I removed the CPU block and remounted it and everything see
  11. Thanks, I was thinking that when I was writing this since I noticed that same thing in the title but wasn't 100% sure.
  12. Question about compatibility for my 2080 Ti. Looks like EVGA is coming out with an AIO cooler for the 2080 Ti and in their compatibility list, they list their EVGA FE card. EVGA HYBRID Kit for EVGA/NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC/XC2/FE, 400-HY-1384-B1, RGB. I was wondering if this would also work with my Nvidia 2080 Ti Founders Card. I wasn't sure if the mounting holes were the same across manufacturers' founders cards. Does anyone know if this would work?
  13. Hi, I am installing a EKWB M.2 NVMe heatsink and I was wondering should I remove the sticker that is on the SSD before putting on the thermal pad or keep it the sticker on. I understand the warranty issues and really not concerned. I am more concerned with performance and does it make a difference in cooling if I dont remove the sticker compared to removing it.
  14. So.. no luck when plugging the GPU into the motherboard so fresh install I went. Funny thing... After install of windows 10, ran stress test and problem seemed to be gone. Started loading games and what not back onto the computer and after loading Corsairs iCUE software onto the computer and setting the fans up to the rainbow setting.. ran the stress tests and stuttering/freezing came back. closed out iCUE software and ran the stress test and it was clean. Opened iCUE and back came the stuttering. So question I have and want to make sure I am right in thinking... is iCUE causing the issue
  15. thanks! I am going to remove the bracket and plug the GPU into the motherboard directly and see. If it still does it, fresh install i go! I will keep you posted. Thank you so much for all the help!