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  1. So I've been playing PC Building Simulator a lot and its dawned on me that I really like putting together computers. I built my own a couple years ago and plan on building another within a year or so. I also just upgraded from 8 to 16 GB of RAM and the process of pulling the tabs apart and pushing the RAM into place made me remember how much fun it was to buy the parts for my PC, put them together, do cable management, and then install my OS and that good feeling I had when I finally finished installing my OS and had a brand new system at my disposal. While obviously building a PC in PCBS i
  2. I am planning on upgrading my CPU. I remember hearing about how changing major components of your system messes up your Windows 10 and requires you reactivating your install. My copy remains unactivated. Would changing my CPU do anything?
  3. I watched Linus' video that blind tested 22 different keys. I figured that would be a good sample size.
  4. I have read on several articles that it is a good idea to choose a PSU whose wattage is twice that of your estimate. Of course, most of them were from 2014 so maybe something changed. A little more info than that would be nice. Something wrong with the board itself? Or just a personal preference in relation to the keys? What exactly makes Nvidia cards better enough at recording/streaming that would make me want to choose them over the 5700 XT or just waiting for Big Navi? Considering, as I wrote, that the 2070, 2080, and 2080 Super seem, from benchma
  5. Budget: (including currency): Would prefer to try and stay within 3-3.5k or up to what the system would be with Big Navi. Am willing to go above that should the result but substantial enough. Currency is Freedom Bucks, aka USD. Country: Uncle Sam's Attic (The USA lol) Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Pretty much any game from the last 15 years plus any game that might be coming in the next 5 years or so, some minor video editing with Sony Vegas Pro, and recording gameplay for Youtube, and broadcasting to Twitch. Other details: (existing parts lists, wheth
  6. This is why I love these forums. 3 minutes and the OP already has an answer.
  7. So a few months ago, I made a topic asking about M.2 drives. I was looking to get a 1 TB one to expand my storage. Well, I've decided to possibly abandon that idea as I've just now taken stock of what games I have and what games I plan to get and have found that, combined, they account for more than 1 TB. So now I'm mulling over the idea of either getting a single 2 TB drive or getting a pair of drives, one being 1 TB while the other is between 512 GB and 1 TB if the price was right. I'd be getting the two separate ones to save money but I'd rather have just one to keep things tidy both in
  8. @NoGanksEric @ZzLy @idwt Thanks guys for the swift answers.
  9. I've been using a MSI RX 580 Armor OC 8 GB card for about a year now but I only just started running MSI Afterburner at random when I play just to get an idea of how my setup is preforming and I noticed my GPU seems to run at around 70 degrees when I play some games. The games run fine and my FPS is alright but I read that 70 is about as hot as you want to run the card at max and when I play, it's staying up there pretty much all the time. Is this a problem I should be concerned with?
  10. Thanks for the help but I just managed to find my answer. Since the m.2 port on my motherboard supports PCIe x4/x2 SSD as well as SATA, it basically can handle all M.2 devices, which is what I was concerned about. I feel really stupid for making this post now lol Also thanks @LogicWeasel for the link to that SSD. Might just use that. Oh and for those wondering why I'm planning on using a NVMe drive to store games, I got four words for you. Bethesda Games' Loading Times
  11. I'm looking to expand my storage size (games are a lotter bigger than they use to be lol) and was just going to buy a ADATA SU800 1 TB SSD as a big brother to my current 256 GB SU800. Then I thought to check and my Gigabyte B250-DS3H (still regret choosing that but it was my first build) does have a M.2 slot. But from what I've been able to tell, M.2 is more diverse/confusing than SATA. What I'm looking for is advice for what to look for when looking at M.2 drives to ensure I'm getting the best I can for what I pay and that it will work with my motherboard. I checked with the manual and it
  12. @Cereal5 Hey man, it's me. Been a while but I recently developed a question and you've been the most helpful guy here. So my RX 580 has two HDMI ports and two DisplayPort ports. Could I plug two monitors via HDMI into my 580 and have them mirror each other? So I could have a monitor for myself and then another that I could place elsewhere so my friend and brother don't have to look over my shoulder or I have to sit weird so they can see my screen. I can do a similar thing with my Chromebook if I plug it into a monitor via HDMI where what's on my Chromebook's screen is mirrored on the moni
  13. If someone can delete this, that'd be great. I don't know how to and I just used Cheat Engine and some other things.
  14. So I want to use this trainer but Malwarebytes flags it as a risk. I put it through virustotal and only one other program aside from Malwarebytes sees it as harmful. Malwarebytes itself says it's a "riskware.gamehack.generic" which apparently is just a name for a program that accesses a game without official authorization. Obviously a trainer would do this. Having just finally rebuilt my computer after a previous screwup, I'm very cautious and don't know if I should be worried about the two hits I got.
  15. @Neftex I hope to sometime soon be able to afford a VPN but right now, I literally am broke. As in zero cash and triple zeros in the bank account. I had planned to get NordVPN when I had my last job but they fired me before I could even finish my parts collecting. Just started a new job this week so if the first pay is good enough, I'll probably subscribe. I know better than to trust free VPNs. I didn't know it was possible for an ISP to be the problem but since you mention it, I'd say it'd be the ISP. Ours hasn't been the most reliable. A while back, we had them and the wifi would cons
  16. So I've used the same gmail account since I first used the internet to make a Facebook account. For a long time, I never paid much attention to my email account but over the last few months, I've started to occasionally check my account activity on gmail and I keep seeing apparent logins or activity from computers or phones in completely different states. Just over the past 3 days, Google claims I've had mobile activity from phones in 4 different states. Tennessee, Connecticut, Virginia, and Kansas. I do know locations services usually say I'm located in a city that is quite a few miles aw
  17. Not saving Youtube videos either. What I was doing was trying to find a free video converter that could convert AVI files that I made myself into MP4s. I had recorded videos of my own gameplay to upload to Youtube.
  18. When I said free online converter I meant those converters you don't need to download a .exe to use. Like Cloud Convert.
  19. I did. It failed I believe because it said the point was damaged to deleted. Whatever virus I got was able to prevent me from installing new programs like Malwarebytes so I assume it deleted the restore point. I was trying to get a video converter because as I was recording some YT videos, Bandicam suddenly started spitting out files three times their normal size. Normally a 9 minute file was 3 GB and suddenly they were 10. So I tried switching to AVI but then Vegas Pro wouldn't accept them for whatever reason so I went back to MP4 and problem disappeared. I assume it was because of so
  20. @Shiv78 Hey man, I turned my PC back on because I've gotten so use to the sound of the fans I started to miss them and when I did, it went into automatic repair. I was able to access the built in windows things. It has an option for resetting my PC. It asked if I wanted to keep my personal things and I said no. Now I'm looking at two options. One says "Just remove my files" and other is "Fully clean the drive." Is either of those a viable option to formatting?
  21. Honestly if I had the money, I'd just buy a new SSD and see about maybe getting mine cleaned out but I don't.
  22. Windows won't even boot. I'm not gonna mess with it. I'm just gonna go the nuclear route. I need this thing fixed by Friday so I can play REmake 2.
  23. @Shiv78 Also sorry if I seem snappy. I'm really upset right. I'm gonna lose half my games and my USBs are being really slow on my Chromebook for no real reason that I know of.
  24. Ok, good. I had a mini panic attack because I'm unemployed right now and can't even afford a 20 dollar 250 GB HDD.