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  1. I just plan to game on one monitor The other ones are for "light" video editing and reference footage ( or chat) I already have a couple of parts... I know I have "old eyes and reflexes" but I want to treat myself with a crazy setup. It's been awhile I've been waiting for this xD Btw, you guys rock to anwser as fast.
  2. here's my blueprint of my rig: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/philboom/saved/8YP9NG Budget (including currency): no limits Country: canada (montreal or toronto) Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: streaming, video editing, gaming Other details
  3. As a streamer , I have a long way to go ( and I am working on it ) but as for editing , I have to be able to handle heavy projects Just to give you an example , I get a lot of reference of big client for some projects such as these : - I want to be able to work at my place ( they allow me to ) ... It's true, I don't need to edit in 4K but I need something strong enough to work with Heavy video files ( RAW format ). I don't want to do this as an hobbyist ... Like I say I want to be ready in all field if possible ... I have a lot of work to do
  4. Before I start , I want to thank everyone that will take his time to help me on my quest of building the right rig for me ! Keep in mind that I am from Canada My budget : 3500 $ on the whole Tower ( if you have suggestion for the monitors , I am willing to take notes plus this build has to be confortable to push on 1440p 90-144hz if more ... no problem) . I need a system that can streams High demanding games like ( PUBG,Destiny 2,Monster hunter World) , be able to edit in 4K ( or at least rfast rendering performance ) and be able to do color correcting ( on DaVinci)