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  1. I ve bought these two monitors and i want only 1 of them. Watch what i saw : Acer vg242yp & Asus vg249q Acer -pro Has 165hz refresh rate, More options in osd menu also brightness to 350/400 nits, Has 2*hdmi 2.0, 1dp.1.4, The speakers are way louder than asus vg249q, Has hdr 400 which if you ask me is useless, came with hdmi + dp cable. -cons Has a cheaper look, Cheap stand, The display is hot to the touch, less on the asus, Has a blue filter on that can't disappear, "washed out view"(I think is
  2. Like the title which one do you think is a better choice to choose from and why? I noticed a few differences Acer vg242yp -Made in 2020 -Oc 165hz -2 hdmi 2.0 -Minimum response time 1ms Asus vg249q -Made in 2019 -144hz -1 hdmi 1.4, 1 vga -minimum response time 4ms They both have speakers 2x2w related to official website of each one. I have a monitor arm for desk so the standing won't be an issue, I am interested only in terms of features and picture quality . Now when it came down to features(picture attached) that they use I am a little bit in a trouble, I don't know what e
  3. I managed to install the bios for gts 450 and that worked. topic closed.
  4. So i bought from wish a graphic card with the title and description gtx960 for a low price and in the end is not a gtx960. Now i bought an eeprom programmer called ch341a to flash this graphic card bios. I managed to switch to in my opinion is a gtx550ti to multiple versions of that graphic card bios. But none of what i tried worked. i attach a picture of gpu-z if anyone can help me.
  5. Sooo same answer for second hand and you just got it in the first place?
  6. I should mention is a second hand laptop.
  7. It is worth buying a lenovo g510 CPU i5 4200m 2.5Ghz, 3.1 Turbo, 6gb ram ddr3l, 256gb hdd and intel integrated graphics 4600 for 130$?(you can comment your answer)
  8. I read the article from which I saw in conclusion that pcie1.1x16 is almost as good in games as pcie2.0 x8 and close to pcie3.0x4. So the games should work a little bit fine than my current video card.
  9. So im new here.I started to look after a new GPU recently and i found one that s not so expensive and is good at the same time. Now i have to ask you if you know something about my motherboard compatibility with this GPU. My motherboard is an old one "DELL 0K216C" and i want to upgrade the GPU from AMD Radeon X1600 to Nvidia Geforce Expedition gtx 1050 ti. Do you know if the Graphic card is compatible with my old motherboard? I added my system info if you need more details.
  10. From ur suggested options you can clasify them?
  11. from here link. i want it because i will buy new components . processor amd ryzen 7 x1700, motherboard x370, ddr
  12. Hello, i have a question. So i saw this power supply and the price is reduced from 100$ to 57$ and i wanna ask if it s worthed Inter-tech argus 650 Watts. If you know a better power supply with 550-650W better under 70 $ you can suggest one.