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  1. Personally I don't use it. I have tried it, but I didn't feel like it was worth the hassle. However, it is great for anyone that requires the privacy, might it be reporters, interviewees, privacy freaks, or, for that matter, criminals.
  2. If it's stuttering with 4GB RAM allocated, it's might be likely that you're either using tons of mods and could try to deactivate some of them or your hardware isn't up to par. However, it is possible to change it in the MC launcher, stackexchange has the answer https://gaming.stackexchange.com/a/120238 Remember that you need the 64-bit version of Java to use more than 4gb of RAM.
  3. In essence, it's a matter of running the SELECT mysql command towards the database, but it all depends on how advanced the search is supposed to be. As for the code you've provided, it's not actually very secure, and it would be subject to a lot of potential explots, e.g. XSS and SQL injection to name the most serious flaws.
  4. I personally like IntelliJ alot better than Eclipse for all Java-related development, but if you want to use it for multiple languages, Eclipse is a cost and disk-space saving alternative, comparet to a new IDE for each language.
  5. Yeahno... if it's in the same namespace, you should name the classes differently (e.g. TimerThingSecond and TimeThingDay). But the optimal route would be to have one generic timer for both times.
  6. Be aware that if you don't own the rights to the game you decompiled, you might break the law if you decide to publish the game! On that note, while Actionscript is far away from C#/Js in many aspects, the logic still holds similarities. Doing it by hand might be a large task, but it should be doable with some knowlegde in Unity, and if you hurry up, you might be able to use Unity Learn Professional while it is available, free of charge! (their free tier is great too!)
  7. Okay, so it seems like it's one of those bigger starter sets, which is great, this means you're basically not limited, unless you need e.g. multiple wheels and such. However, you could start with something simple, like using a temperature module with the LCD to make a digital room temperature reader. You could further expand that to include buttons, so you could switch between e.g. light (photo resistor) and temperature... this should give you a good understanding for the basics of coding with arduino, and scaling sensors. Using the 74HC595, which is a shift-out module,
  8. There's lots you could do! It all depends on the kit you got, and what you envision to do with it, the sky is the limit! Arduino is great for prototyping nearly everything, and something as complex as a robot cleaner/vacuum could be simple-ish to do with an arduino. May I suggest for you to head over to Arduino Project Hub, it's a great location for inspiration! https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub
  9. Actually not a bad idea... if done well, this could connect you to more people with similar interests as you.. so this sounds interesting!
  10. Could it be that all the SD card you've tried, is more than 32GB in size? Because SD cards larger than 32GB is usually formatted with the exFAT filesystem, which the Raspberry pi bootloader doesn't support.
  11. I have to, partly, disagree. An average user wouldn't note much difference using Mac OS, Windows nor Linux, as all they will use is the office package and internet browser.. and if those are easily available, that's basically all there is to it. If a computer comes pre-installed with Linux, the average user would just login and start browsing the web without diving any further. The issue is if you wish to to other stuff with it, such as gaming, video/photo editing or mostly everything "above average" computer stuff on your PC, and don't like hacking around your system. Pl
  12. Ah, then it makes a tad more sense that a simple fix like this won't work. I'm not quite familiar with DO, but I'll try to come with some possible solutions, based on available information: Maybe checking out this post? https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/i-cannot-seem-to-connect-via-private-ip-address-between-2-droplets Other than that: Is the address range of the VPC the same as the server IP-ranges? And is the firewall setup of the VPC made to allow all local communication? and remember to reboot after
  13. Hm, weird. You might have three different ones that needs to be active, one for public, private and domain networks (not sure if that's the case for server editions as well?) Other than that, how is the physical network setup? Is two servers connected directly to a switch or are they virtual? Also, there might be some outbound rules for the same settings.
  14. To answer you title; it depends. For the majority of people, Linux just isn't worth it, just yet. I prefer Linux over Windows and Mac OS for many tasks, but I also enjoy spending time to solve challenges I might get when doing stupid s**t I never should've. But again, most people just want to open the laptop/tablet/desktop/phone and start using it, and while distrobutions might be at that stage right now, it still requires the user to actually install it, which is a barrier most people won't pass. In the future, more computers might come pre-installed with som