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  1. Interesting... I'll do some more research... Thanks guys!
  2. It is, and I know it is, but I just, idk, I can't help it xd. I'm prolly just going to go with an Air 512. I want to order from best buy for, err, several reasons.
  3. I know I don't have the self control to not upgrade my laptop pretty quickly (1-2 years), so might as well make it where I don't lose a bunch of cash later on...
  4. I don't think there will be any bottlenecking, but unless you are doing hard core video editing, or 3d rendering, you dont need the Ryzen 9. Go down to a 7, and maybe get a newer processor? Idk, do whatever, but I doubt you need the ryzen 9
  5. Ohh, the Air dosen't come with a 16gb variant. It's only option is the 256gb and the 512gb. I may still go with the 512, but I really don't need the extra storage. I don't download that much...
  6. I've got cash right now, the name of the game for me is resale value. I'll look into a 16gb and 500gb version...
  7. I was going to buy a Zenbook, as they seemed to be a pretty good choice for me, but after digging into the resale value of Macbooks, I realize that while they cost a good bit up front, they only lose about $150 (USD btw) over a year or so of owning the laptop. I would get the 256gb version, and from my ebay-hunting and BestBuy pricing, both would lose about $150 in a year or so ($899 to $750 for the air, $1099 to $950 for the pro). I do some light gaming, and my recent love for GeforceNow has made it where MacOS can handle all my gaming needs, but I know the Pro has better cooling, so that mig
  8. With game streaming becoming a bigger thing now (The Xcloud kind, not the Twitch kind) and me having more stuff to do that would favor an ultrabookesque laptop, getting a thin-and-light seems really nice to me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most Ultrabooks in the ~1k USD price range should handle Xcloud without an issue. If this is correct, any recommendations as far as laptops go? Nothing larger than 15", and touchscreen is a must. Couldn't care less about being a 2-in-1. Thanks in advance!!!
  9. I am deciding between a 16:9 144hz monitor and a 21:9 100hz monitor. They are both 1080p. Im not worried about gpu power (I have a 5700xt) but I would love to know if there is a big difference. I had a 240hz monitor (ran it at 144hz) then sold it and downgraded to a 75hz. Is there a noticable difference between 100hz and 144hz? If there is the trade-off worth it for 21:9 vs 16:9?
  10. My PC wont run Modern Warfare, wont install AMD drivers, and no internet cards will work on it. IDK what is wrong. What should I do? Specs: MSI X370 Gaming plus 32gb ddr4 1070ti R5 2600 Samsung 850 EVO 2th WD blue Hdd EVGA 600B power supply.
  11. I might get a 5700xt. Would a 2060 be a good idea?
  12. I have a blower style 1070ti (EVGA) and I want to upgrade. Is there something around $300 - $350 that would be better? Or should I get something else? My specs: R5 2600, 32gb RAM, H100i v2 water cooler, and the 1070ti.
  13. I only have 2666 Ram. but ill try 3200. Also, I didnt crash on 4.2. ill stop while im ahead lol