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  1. This is a good video, covers everything required to dual boot Arch and Windows 10.
  2. I ran eM Client for a few weeks, It didn't start minimised, I had to disable "Run on system startup", and place a shortcut that was set to run minimised in the start folder. It was actually quite good, but I kept getting an error when i shut the PC down. That was a few months ago though, I'll reinstall it and give it another try. Reload is just to clean up the system, not really the Windows 10 side of things, just all the orphaned shit from all the programs I've tested over the last few years.
  3. Just checked it out, and I agree, EmailTray sucks. I'm currently running a batch file using nircmd, to start and minimise Thunderbird, then using a third party program called TBtray to close it to tray. I'm getting sick of having to stuff around with Thunderbird every time they do an update, I'm about to reload Windows in a week or so, was after a few suggestions to try some other clients before I do.
  4. Windows Mail doesn't give me notifications unless the program is running, but I'm using a local account, are you using a local account, or microsoft account on your system? I've used Thunderbird for many years, the addons that use to achieve this are no longer working in the latest version, and are no longer maintained.
  5. Looking for an mail client, that will start with Windows minimised, and can be closed to the system tray? I've tried several email clients, and have yet to find one that can achieve this with out having to resort to batch files, or addons, most of which are no longer being maintained Thanks.
  6. Pretty much everything you have said about running a radiator in the front and top is the opposite to what I have seen from testing. Adding a second 360 rad to to top of my Define R6, dropped the 100% CPU load temps by 5c. I just done a test regarding your comment about adding a rear case fan to remove the heat, I planned on removing the fan next week anyway when I change some tubing runs. 2700x and RX580 running in the loop, with both Priime 95 small FFT's and Furmark running for 20 mins. Removing the rear 140mm fan from the system saw a rise in CPU core temp
  7. Do you wear hearing protection? I run 6 of them Noctua 3K fans on a both my 360 rads, have them capped at 1500rpm , even at that RPM they are kind of loud.
  8. If you mainboard supports it, get a coolant temp sensor, and control the fans/pump by coolant temp.
  9. Water is an excellent conductor of heat, water directly on the die would be the most efficient way to cool a CPU.
  10. Pretty normal, with just chrome and HWINFO64 open my 2700X bounces between 35-50c, and I'm running dual 360 rads.
  11. Here's a picture of Clear XSPC ECX coolant after being run with Mayhems Ultra Clear tubing for 3 months. Found a heap of what looked like plasticiser built up on the water block.
  12. Think you're a bit mixed up there, the SE is thin, PE is medium, XE is thick. SE has a 16mm core in a 28mm shroud with 21 FPI. PE has a 21.5mm core in a 38mm shroud with 18 FPI. XE has a 48mm core in a 60mm shroud with 15 FPI.
  13. My Noctua 3K fans idle at 500 rpm, they're pretty much silent at that speed.
  14. I'm running a pair of 360 rads (30mm and 40mm), with noctua industrial fans, in a custom loop, in a define R6. My 2700x running 4.35Ghz single core / 4.2Ghz all core, at 1.35v, will still hit low 70's C during prime 95 small FFT's, High 60's running multiple CB15 & 20 runs or when running handbrake. that's with an ambient of 24c.
  15. I'm using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, which as far as I know is one of the better pastes. That's impressive temps for a 120mm rad, nice low core voltage too. Thanks for the replies everyone.