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    computers and movies
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  • CPU
    i5 8600k
  • Motherboard
    aurous ultra gaming
  • RAM
    2x8 ddr4 patriot viper rgb 2666mhz
  • GPU
    asus strix rog 1070
  • Case
    matrexx 55
  • Storage
    samsung 970 evo 250 os,1 tb barracuda games, 3tb barracuda movies, 500 gb 860 evo current game install
  • PSU
    seasonic focus gold plus 750
  • Display(s)
    samsung 27 , 144hz 1440.
  • Cooling
    cooler master ml 120 rgb
  • Keyboard
    logitech g413 carbon
  • Mouse
    logitech g203
  • Sound
    logitech z313
  • Operating System
    windows 10

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  1. @Andreas Liljadid it myself, just a beginner apprentice as a hobby outside work, computers and family
  2. @LinusTech it wasnt much of a decision at all man. your videos helped me through some rough times when my ex left me years ago right around christmas. i wasnt seeing my kids ,and didnt have a lot of reasons to smile. but when it would get to be to much, i would just sit there for hours watching your videos . didnt matter what they were. just your excitement and enthusiasm you put into everything would cheer me up. and it hasnt changed. years have passed, and my interests would change. but my excitement for your content is unwavering . my new wife saved up for a stealth hoodie one year and it w
  3. @Rocketdog2112lmao i was so close to putting the tm after it.
  4. hey , i dont mind your opinion. it doesnt bother me. linus and the crew and there videos has rescued me from a lot of dark times. even after all these years it is something i look forward to and cherish. being reminded of that every time i look down doesnt bother me. i already excepted that certain tattoos in certain places will never be excepted by some. but that is fine. but i will never be ashamed of loving the things i love enough to honor them forever. i have a career , i have a loving family who loves my tattoos. thats all that matters to me.and everything ends. but good memories dont. j
  5. yea certainly did do it myself. and thank you. it meant a lot to me. so i went for it . not perfect. but im super happy with it
  6. So I finally did my ltt tattoo. Been wanting to do it forever but been so busy. I know it isn't the best. But Linus, and the crew ,and his videos kept me on the right path. And I will never forget that. So this is my forever reminder. I can't afford merch , so this merch will never fall apart lol.
  7. i used the first option and 3rd otion on prime 95 tried them both . my avx offset is on auto in my bios but i just checked my vcore is actually only 1.18 . i didnt think it was that low. and its locked to all cores and turbo disabled along with a few other things. i used someone elses settings to oc this cpu as it is my first time. i tried all his settings and stressed it for hours with no issue and also gamed with it for days with no issue so i saved it and used the bios profile. i dont always keep it on because im trying to extend the life of my cpu and i know with such low temps that it isn
  8. i have an 8600k right now being cooled with an cooler master ml 120 . ive been thinking of going to 240 just cause but decided to stress my cpu before i did it to see max tempartures . i just wanted to make sure i needed to . well as of now it idles about 28-29c and with aida 64 it only hit 44c and with prime 95 it hit about 53c . even with a 5 ghz oc with i think its 1.3 vcore i hit only maybe 61-62c . i got a z370 aurous ultra gaming were overclocked to 5ghz my vrms hit about 70 being stressed. my question is am i stressing this wrong or do i somehow have a super cherry 8600k/cooler/mobo? o