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    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • Birthday Apr 12, 1994

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    Brazil, where everybody disagrees with my fancy tastes
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    Gaming Peripherals, All things RGB, High End PC Hardware, etc. I got the greens... Most of the time...
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    I'm a complicated individual
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    I do stuff at home that nets me money


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    MSI MEG Z390 Godlike
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX
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    Galax RTX 2080 Ti Hall of Fame
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    Thermaltake View 37 RGB Edition
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    1TB Samsung 860 EVO / 6TB Seagate Barracuda PRO
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    Corsair RM850i 80+ Gold
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    2560x1080 LG 25' 60Hz UltraWide
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    Noctua D15S w/ 3 Noctua Fans
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    Razer Blackwidow X Chroma Mercury White
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    Razer Mamba Tournament Edition
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    Razer Man'O War 7.1
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    Win10 Pro

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  1. Outrageously high. Here's an example: The higher the product's price, the higher the import fee i have to pay. And then a second fee to take it out in the post office within a month otherwise my stuff gets auctioned. I love it here. But no, in this case the price is high cuz its considered a high end product and it's being sold in a mainly budget oriented country so to compensate for low sales the price goes all the way up. Of all of those, only the kph30i is available and it is actually surprisingly cheap. Which raises my suspicion. As dumb as it may
  2. Not available here, can find only DT 990 Pro which is also above budget
  3. The mic is for sure but the headphones can still change up until i can commit. Ive some Sennheiser models to check out but too busy to do proper research. Anyway, still on the lookout. Also got recommended the G733 from Logitech but didn't quite like that one. Plus there are no wired versions either.
  4. Their prices arent the greatest either, not exactly appealing. I just have too much going on rn otherwise i would get a better audio setup. Ive a Neumann TLM 103-MT and an Arctis Pro picked out but i just can't commit to it atm so i'll be staying with the gaming headphones as nonsensical as they are
  5. I'm fairly confident its the headphones themselves, its something the previous ones i had did when they were close to dying, that and static noises, replacing them worked but since i'll be ditching razer anyway i'll also be removing anything related to synapse from my computer Both are available, however the headset is above my budget (blame country economics) and the ones that fit are from vendors i dont really trust so with everything changed due to covid i'd rather not take risks... It is an interesting option, tho Also ive been recommended the Logitech G PRO X or Corsai
  6. Yes, ive a dedicated mic pick out but until ive completely dealt with some stuff in my life i cannot go that route just yet so for now, gaming headset
  7. So its been a week since ive noticed my headphone (Razer Kraken 7.1) giving me some stutter and other audio glitches, its not exactly often but i just know it'll die so i wanna get a new one and continue my quest of ditching all my Razer stuff. Problem is, im not yet sure what to replace it with. Only headphones i ever bought was Razer. Would love if you guys could offer me some choices cuz ive no clue rn... Country: Brazil Budget: 1300-1400 BRL / 260-280 USD (preferably under 250 if possible) Requirements: USB (otherwise deal breaker), 7.1 Surroun
  8. Last time i reinstalled Windows a backup wasn't needed as it automatically created a "windows old" folder containing all of my files from the previous install, seemed to be a full copy of the C (main) drive which was quite convenient... Not sure how that works tho as i don't remember coming across any setting on Windows in regards to that
  9. nothing outta the ordinary, as usual:
  10. So ive been experiencing high swap usage when i have less than 50% memory usage and i dont understand why... Ive 32GB of ram and i find it very odd for me to have swap usage in the 80s % and my memory usage is at low 40s % My swap is ALWAYS higher than my memory usage but i thougth swap was for when i were to run out of ram? and with the amount of ram i have i cannot see this even coming close to happening (apart from times where i use photoshop where memory usage spikes up temporarily but thats the only occasion) At the moment of typing this ive 29% memory usage with f
  11. no it was not but it is now it was not checked so i checked it, got prompted to restarted my pc, i did, but no changes to the issue
  12. @Eschew another example Discord Browser (Firefox): Discord Browser (Chrome): Discord App (Windows):
  13. App, i never use browser for discord tbh but when u mentioned it i tested it out and weirdly enough on Chrome it was the same as the app, i couldn't see the heart, yet on firefox I WAS ABLE TO!! Yes! I'm able to see the heart as intended!! Unfortunately that did not fixed the issue Edit: so it must not be windows then since i was able to see the heart on firefox and the one you posted here (also on firefox)
  14. you're misunderstanding, this an issue with windows not being able to properly read a character cuz something is lacking, have u never stumbled across something that was supposed to be a name but all you could see was squares or something else that was clearly nonsense? thats what i mean, windows just can't read them but i know its possible cuz like i said i used to be able to before reinstalling my windows i just dont know what made it possible, the codec and thumbnail example i made is the closest thing i can think of