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  2. Funny
    FezBoy reacted to MageTank in Wait, What? Kids Found A Security Flaw in Linux Mint By Mashing Keys!   
    So all those hackers in the movies mashing random keys weren't faking it after all... The more you know.
  3. Funny
    FezBoy reacted to Master Disaster in Wait, What? Kids Found A Security Flaw in Linux Mint By Mashing Keys!   
    I remember walking into a pretty big pawn shop chain here in the UK and unlocking every computer they had on the shop floor using this method. God knows what people did to them after I left.
  4. Funny
    FezBoy reacted to J-from-Nucleon in Wait, What? Kids Found A Security Flaw in Linux Mint By Mashing Keys!   
    Please don't take anything valuable.
    Jokes aside, yea It could've very well been part of the DE.
  5. Funny
    FezBoy reacted to Drama Lama in Wait, What? Kids Found A Security Flaw in Linux Mint By Mashing Keys!   
    and now I hacked your computer
    the kids overloaded the screensaver of the Cinamon Desktop envoirment by typing the letter "ē"
    so it guess it's a flaw that could be in all Distros using Cinamon but not in Mint versions using other Desktop envoirments like Gnome or Mate.
  6. Informative
    FezBoy reacted to doomsriker in Complex ARG game "Crow 64" sparks widespread interest   
    Apparently there is an actual PC game made by the person behind Crow 64 and probably used by the creater of the ARG to make the videos that has leaked (partially) but I have not dug into this much so don’t quote me on that. 
  7. Agree
    FezBoy reacted to TehDwonz in Nvidia Sold $175 Million Worth of GeForce RTX 30 GPUs To Crypto Miners   
    I think this is a jealousy-thread tbh.
  8. Like
    FezBoy reacted to Coolmaster in Who said Windows wouldn't run well on #AppleSilicon...   
    Microsoft have stated that they will only allow Windows ARM on a device if it comes preinstalled as the only OS by the manufacturer. So it's upto Microsoft to change that policy.
  9. Agree
    FezBoy reacted to Coolmaster in Who said Windows wouldn't run well on #AppleSilicon...   
    While it is possible, a real company like Apple won't violate Microsoft's Intellectual Property to get Windows on ARM. It's still upto Microsoft to let Apple run it.
  10. Agree
    FezBoy got a reaction from DoTr in Bigger moment in Apple’s history   
    This isn't even a question. Apple wouldn't be apple without the iPhone. They'd basically be dell or HP by this point
  11. Agree
    FezBoy got a reaction from sub68 in LTT forum "banning" game   
    Banned because there's nothing generic about a blue chinchilla eating a dorito
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    FezBoy reacted to Nup in Mechanical Keyboard Club!   
    Discovered the world of keyboards this year - it's been fun reading through this thread and discovering the projects here on LTT. A lot of nice projects. 
    Build this board with POM Creams and kailh sage clickies for thé mods. 

    The second was a restoration of an Apple board with Alps salmon. Did some tests and considered whitening the plastic, but honestly the yellow look is nicer. 

    It was great having to have the two boards to compare. The hobby is dangerously absorbing. 
  13. Funny
    FezBoy got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in Rate the Above User's Avatar!   
    IV/IV Roman numerals
  14. Agree
    FezBoy reacted to kelvinhall05 in Rate the Above User's Avatar!   
    Creative twist on party parrot, I like it. 7/10.
  15. Agree
    FezBoy got a reaction from kelvinhall05 in What theme do you normally use on your devices.   
    the fact that those don't have dark mode pains me.

    Scratch that gmail does have dark mode.
  16. Informative
    FezBoy reacted to Egg-Roll in The WORST trade I've EVER made - Wildfire PC   
    It's already been a deadly year as it is, we don't need another, esp by accident.

    They did, just watched the delivery video, it was shipped and left in but looked like it was at least better cleaned than shown in this video. Easy to do with harsh chemicals, but it is time consuming.
  17. Funny
    FezBoy reacted to iBabySlapper in Silence your Gaming PC with THIS - MORPHEUS 8057   
    Or even better, you could make a large speaker equipped with ANC, and just silence everything in your room.
  18. Agree
    FezBoy reacted to GDRRiley in "[MOTF] on thread name"   
    American cheese can go die.
    peperjack or it didn't happen.
    I do love nice cheese though, mmm creamy cheese
  19. Agree
    FezBoy reacted to WereCatf in Game streaming question   
    No, since it's happening over your local network, not over the Internet.
  20. Agree
    FezBoy reacted to pierom_qwerty in I am confused, What does a Computer Engineer do?   
    Electrical engineers generally design the hardware. Computer engineers write the firmware that interacts between the hardware and your OS kernel.
  21. Agree
    FezBoy reacted to BuckGup in Twitch makes US army stop clickbaiting viewers with fake giveaways   
    We are talking about the US Army here. There are select branches that actually have brilliant and smart people, like the air-force. The rest well, it just collects the high school dropouts and alt-right people. So to say this is a shock isn't true lol
  22. Agree
    FezBoy reacted to A Personnn in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    How bout 'Best laptops under $100 for Game Streaming"? Maybe a different price point would work better, but since stuff like google's Stadia is right on the horizon, I think a something like this is very much needed. 
  23. Like
    FezBoy reacted to Bombastinator in Corrupt a Wish game   
    Granted.  They cost more than the OEM stuff does.
    i wish I know what my deal was so I could do something about it
  24. Agree
    FezBoy reacted to bob345 in Clever Pun: Ceramic SSD's.   
    I mean sure??? As long as its not a beryllium oxide ceramic lol. This honestly seems like more of a marketing gimmick than an actual problem being solved. Sure its better, but is the likely very small benefit really worth the extra cost? Probably not. This stuff was developed and is mostly used in high performance rf and microwave electronics mainly for its dielectric properties iirc. The marginal improvement in thermal performance isn't going to be worth the increase in cost for an ssd.
  25. Agree
    FezBoy reacted to suicidalfranco in Steam support coming to ChromeOS soon   
    if it can run stardew valley, it's good enough