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    FezBoy reacted to StrikerX1360 in I shouldn't have built this computer - Hasanabi PC Build   
    Okay genuine question:  How did they get that custom animation to play on boot-up? Considering doing something like that for a build I have planned.
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    FezBoy reacted to HenrySalayne in I shouldn't have built this computer - Hasanabi PC Build   
    Come on! Low hanging fruits. AMD is "team RED". Linus says it several times throughout the video that this will be the "all RED" computer build.
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    FezBoy reacted to APTerminator in I shouldn't have built this computer - Hasanabi PC Build   
    I created an account specifically to ask for the background used in the video.
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    FezBoy reacted to RiPin in I shouldn't have built this computer - Hasanabi PC Build   
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    FezBoy got a reaction from Middcore in Software shoulf move to flash drives.   
    Flashdrives cost far more than optical disks, and purchasing software on physical media is a minority usecase. It really wouldn't make sense for any software company to do this
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    FezBoy reacted to Spotty in Linus reviews Surface Laptop Studio despite his investment in Framework   
    My concern is using the Framework laptop in other laptop reviews as a comparison. Is the Framework laptop the closest competitor to the Microsoft Surface Studio laptop and relevant to the review of the Surface Studio laptop or is Linus just trying to feature the Framework laptop in as many videos as possible to promote it? From the review they appear to be quite different devices for different markets at different price points. The Framework laptop isn't even a 2-in-1 laptop and doesn't have a touch screen or stylus. There are other 2-in-1 laptops or laptops in a similar price range that would have been more relevant to compare to the Surface Studio. I don't see any reason why the Framework laptop had to be featured in the review for the Surface Studio laptop at all.
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    FezBoy reacted to GDRRiley in Software shoulf move to flash drives.   
    you do realize how much cheaper optical media is right. its pennies to get a dvd with software burned. flash drives cost 1.5-2.5$
  8. Informative
    FezBoy reacted to Arika S in I broke our Surface Laptop Studio   
    Technically (at least in Australia) what he did in this video is sufficient disclosure, because this video exists:
    When a disclosure has already been made public, you don't need to have full disclosure information in every transaction going forward. It does need to be mentioned, but the specifics don't need to be brought up each time.
    If something changes in his investment, then yes, a full re-disclosure would likely need to happen, but if nothing has changed since the above video, there's not much else you really need to do.
    Standard disclosure: I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, this is my interpretation of the legislation written in the country of Australia only.
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    FezBoy reacted to deef0000dragon1 in I broke our Surface Laptop Studio   
    Just briefly mentioning the investment like that isn't proper disclosure. I gave them the first laptop video that didn't have a mention of the investment because they do pre-record a number of their videos, but at this point I am expecting a disclosure readout at the end of the video, or more ideally, after the intro. 

    At MINIMUM, even if this was recorded before the investment (it obviously wasn't as he does mention it) there should be a disclosure in the description.

    Linus made a promise of transparency to the community when he purchased those shares, and so far, he has not upheld that promise.
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    FezBoy reacted to Arika S in I broke our Surface Laptop Studio   
    did you not even watch past the intro?
    literally at 1:00 the first thing said right after the intro animaton
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    FezBoy reacted to Arika S in US gov’t will slap contractors with civil lawsuits for hiding breaches   
    why was this not already a thing? How did we get to 2021 where this was "acceptable" for lack of a better word
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    FezBoy reacted to Firecatmon in My opinion on Linus and Luke's Linux challenge   
    What about endeavourOS over manjaro? manjaro has historically had some problems over the years whether it be regarding the distribution itself or the team behind it.
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    FezBoy reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in Repairable laptops like Framework are stupid (opinion)   
    I think you are horendously missing the point. 
    The point of Framework is to not just let you replace usb ports, but make the whole thing easy to repair by anyone.
    They have the board schemtics available, the whole thing is modular, theyve mad a comitment to make every single part available, they are selling motherboards that you will be able to swap out, so you dont have to buy a whole new laptop, the besels can be swapped out (which is actually helpful, ive crcked a couple besels in the past)
    Its not just the usb or the ram or ssd, its literally every single port.
    And really, it looks better than a lot of laptops out there....
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    FezBoy reacted to Ravendarat in I’m Legally Obligated to Disclose This   
    Spoken like someone who doesnt have a clue how retail business works. LTT Store margins are completely inline with retail counterparts. I suggest before you call something a rip off you make sure you know what your speaking of. Ive been dealing with various retail businesses for over 20 years, none of his numbers surprised me or seemed out of order, they are actually very middle of the road in their profit margins, most retailers that deal in clothing actually have higher margins than them, online or brick and morter.
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    FezBoy reacted to sydh in I’m Legally Obligated to Disclose This   
    Most of the laptop reviews have been other staff members so that's not really an issue. Even if Linus doesn't host any of the main laptop reviews anymore there is still no reason why he can't put in his on thoughts still on the side. It shouldn't stop him from making good points or valid criticism. 
    Also wasn't it mentioned in the earlier video that 3rd parties will be able to create their own expansion cards?
    Still very excited to see how far Framework can go. Just like the open source cpu RISC-V stuff.
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    FezBoy reacted to Nystemy in I’m Legally Obligated to Disclose This   
    I work in industry, connecting with Ethernet to various production equipment is fairly common. Dragging around USB to Ethernet dongles is not all that practical in a lot of cases. A dedicated Ethernet port is generally preferred. It isn't really about file sizes or transfer rate, most industrial equipment uses 100 Mb/s Ethernet or slower, the wire is more for the fact that WiFi is fairly "abhorrent" to deal with in an industrial environment.

    In short, I have a somewhat niche application, but a modular laptop is also something that could relatively trivially scale to various niche applications. Since stocking various expansion modules is way easier than stocking various laptop skews.
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    FezBoy reacted to poochyena in I’m Legally Obligated to Disclose This   
    I'm so glad he did it. I thought the argument against it was stupid. He already has financial incentive to promote any other laptopn company that sends him free stuff or pays for sponsorships, so investing in a company is no different morally.
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    FezBoy got a reaction from Mel0nMan in im very confused. Does nvidia own Linus media group?   
    No, it's a neme.
  19. Funny
  20. Funny
    FezBoy reacted to MageTank in Wait, What? Kids Found A Security Flaw in Linux Mint By Mashing Keys!   
    So all those hackers in the movies mashing random keys weren't faking it after all... The more you know.
  21. Funny
    FezBoy reacted to Master Disaster in Wait, What? Kids Found A Security Flaw in Linux Mint By Mashing Keys!   
    I remember walking into a pretty big pawn shop chain here in the UK and unlocking every computer they had on the shop floor using this method. God knows what people did to them after I left.
  22. Funny
    FezBoy reacted to J-from-Nucleon in Wait, What? Kids Found A Security Flaw in Linux Mint By Mashing Keys!   
    Please don't take anything valuable.
    Jokes aside, yea It could've very well been part of the DE.
  23. Funny
    FezBoy reacted to Drama Lama in Wait, What? Kids Found A Security Flaw in Linux Mint By Mashing Keys!   
    and now I hacked your computer
    the kids overloaded the screensaver of the Cinamon Desktop envoirment by typing the letter "ē"
    so it guess it's a flaw that could be in all Distros using Cinamon but not in Mint versions using other Desktop envoirments like Gnome or Mate.
  24. Informative
    FezBoy reacted to doomsriker in Complex ARG game "Crow 64" sparks widespread interest   
    Apparently there is an actual PC game made by the person behind Crow 64 and probably used by the creater of the ARG to make the videos that has leaked (partially) but I have not dug into this much so don’t quote me on that. 
  25. Agree
    FezBoy reacted to TehDwonz in Nvidia Sold $175 Million Worth of GeForce RTX 30 GPUs To Crypto Miners   
    I think this is a jealousy-thread tbh.