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  1. Alcohol does seem to be the way to go.


    Thebest ones I had were some Sanwa Supply ones that had a kind of lattice structure. Great for removing finger juice and general crud.


    Maybe some basic alcohol wipes are worth a try. Very cheap and easy to get.

  2. This is easy to do. I don't know why everyone is suggesting ridiculously complex solutions.


    Look at how a typical microcontroller ADC works. It uses sample and hold and mux. You can build your own 16 channel version.


    For the sample hold all you need are some FETs to connect/disconnect the pots and suitable caps for the hold. Then some analogue switches for the mux.


    Youwill need some op-amps for buffering and to sort out impedance issues but you might be able to get away with fewer if you can select the pots to have strong drive.

  3. Can anyone recommend some good cleaning wipes for phones?


    You can buy them in Japan but in the West not so much... Amazon has loads of screen wipes, but nothing for cleaning the body of the phone, or your keyboard/mouse etc.

  4. I've been doing some research. The Samsung 970 Evo Pro seems to be the best option. Best performance, best price. You really have to dig but it does support eDrive/OPAL v2.


    BUT for all NVMe drives you need to make sure your BIOS supports encryption with NVMe drives. ASRock seem to be good for that, have not confirmed other boards.

  5. For a while it looked like 5k monitors might be a thing, but most were discontinued and they remain much, much more expensive than 4k. Can't see any cheaper Korean ones either.


    What happened? 5k is the ideal resolution for the 28" range, having exactly twice the pixel density of the old common format 24" 1080p. Apple uses it a lot in their 27/28" machines, but everyone else seems to have ditched it.


    Did they not sell well or something? Not surprising given the price...

  6. I'm having a hard time finding an NVMe drive that supports eDrive (Bitlocker) or OPAL v2 encryption. For those that don't know these allow you to encrypt the drive with your own key, but the drive does all the work of encrypting stuff so there is no performance loss (unlike software encryption).


    Samsung used to support it but their current range doesn't seem to. Anyone know of any decent NVMe drives that do?