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  1. "The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
  2. So every time i start my pc, windows boot manager comes up, so i went into my startup and backup settings to change default operatingsystem, but the list is empty and i can't chose anything. I also went into msconfig, and "boot" to change it there, but that is also blank, and i can't press anything. i can't press advanced otions or even "safe boot" i can only press "ok" and the other tabs. any tips? This happened after i swapper m.2 drive SEE PICS UNDER
  3. I don't need them at all, but it won't let me delete it, or format the disk.
  4. Hello! so i have 450GB i want to use, but i want them to come up as one disc, but as far as i know, i can't do that unless the two partitions (marked in black) are next to each other (no blue partition in the middle) and i don't know how to do that! does anyone know? i've tried deleting the blue one, but that doesent work.
  5. Hi there! so as you can see, i have 4 different "bulks" of gems in steam, but how do i make them into one bulk, so i can turn them into gempacks?
  6. So i get this message when i try to allocate my unused disk space. "The Size of the Extent Is Less than the Minimum" It's annoying because i have 450GB i can't use, because whatever i do i get the message up. Anyone know how to fix it?
  7. i just checked and my subscribtion is active, so it's not that
  8. Hi there. So im doing thos on a "Student" account to learn Azure since i study IT. The server program ive chosen "2 cpu, 8GB RAM, and so on, is the lowest i am allowed to choose with my subscribtion, i can't choose anything less
  9. i just reinstalled opera and ublock and now they are gone, but thanks for the help
  10. I already use ublock, and this problem wasnt there before. It came like 2 weeks ago
  11. Does anybody know how to remove this? i have 2 different ad blocks, but still pops up
  12. Yes it is the same account,i only have 1 account, and i double-ckecked
  13. well they have disconnected their live chat cause of th virus, and i didnt wanna wait until monday to play