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  1. I have a tin t4 earphone, after unplugging it today, my speaker sound muddy and at high volume will have horrible static noise. Sounds from the earphone is still normal after re-plug, only speaker is affected. i have tried: +restart laptop +update realtek driver +delete driver and install the driver from the produce website +delete nahimic software My laptop is Msi gs63 stealth 8rd, earphone is Tin t4
  2. looks good, but im not very familiar with the ibasso brand, and i had bad experience with chinese produce in the past so im not sure
  3. yeah already try to find that one, they dont sell it here, option are limited
  4. i would lean towards audio quality than potability, so if the bluetooth doesnt sound as good, then its out
  5. i want to buy an in-ear in the $100 price range with the following goals: -Main goal: + Listen to song with bass and drums: tame impala,.. +Listen to song with female vocal : 80s japanese pop diva +Listen to electronic music: perturbator, carpenter brut,... (i know $100 stuff can only focus on 1 or 2 sound type, so something balance would be ok, i wont be picky) -Side goals: +comfortable when laying down +anti-cat bite (goodbye my rha) -here are some in-ear that are available near me: +AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-LS50IS +SENNHEISER MO
  6. I have an Msi gs63 stealth 8rd and been having problem with the Steelseries engine not showing my keyboard. After some help with steelseries support, they said: " This looks like an issue with your system model name being blank. Unfortunately you will have to reach out to MSI for a solution. I'm so sorry for this, but the system is not reporting what model laptop you have so the software does not know that there is a keyboard connected." So how do i add my system model name?
  7. https://www.hanoicomputer.vn/laptop-pc-mtb/c159.html
  8. Vietnam. Any weight will do, battery only need to last a morrning works, i dont really mind the small inconvinion, price to spec is all i care
  9. Give your opinion, chose a laptop you think is best for each group and what do you like about your choice. For now lets have a 10% regional tax
  10. There are alot of entry level gamming laptop nowday but they are some what similarly spec, so which one is best, following these rule: -1000$ or under (avg price, no sales) - laptop are put in 4 simple group : +Have 1050 +Have 1050ti +Have 1060 +Have something else but still in price range If some are 100% similar in spec, opinion on aesthetic, build quality and company fanboying are open
  11. There are no retail store that sells Pixel phone here in VietNam. If i went to Europe and buy a Pixel 3 and bring it back, will i be able to use it instantly with Wifi, 4g, update and even Vietnamese language. Or are there some regional adjustment to do.
  12. There is basicly no brown switch/brown clone in the price range of under 50$. Belive me, i spent quite some time looking for one before. You 100% need to go with blue or red. I recoment the Rantonpad Mxx
  13. At which price point is buying a gaming laptop have more advantage in performance, price, convenience,.... than a pc +monitor , and vice versa?
  14. I was in a rush this morning and spill my water bottle next to my laptop, when i came back home after 5h, i press the power button and it wont turn on. I found out there are water and quickly pull out the plug. I heard that device with batery can short circuit, can still be dry out if you are lucky. But my laptop was plug all morning and the power button have been press 1-2 times by my dumbass. Is there still hope if i disassemble and dry it out?
  15. I have use a membrane keyboard my whole life and typing while looking. Recently i just bought a Rantopad mxx gateron blue to learn to type with 10 finger , but my typing seem slower cus i keep bottom out the key from membrane keyboard habit, making my hand tired. How do i overcome this, and what do u guy use to learn 10 finger typing?