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  1. I'm astounded you guys haven't done a video on bass shakers, or the more subtle "stealth subwoofer for people with roommates/families" Subpac S2. A lot of gamers would be seriously interested in this stuff if they only knew about it.
  2. Replacing expensive phone plans with VOIP is something more nerds should be aware of as an option, as most of us don't really need data coverage. We're already basking in Wi-Fi the vast majority of the time, so a lot of people are paying a hundreds every year just for a phone number. VOIP costs maybe like $10 a year. Given the time we waste poring over hardware benchmarks for the sake of some tens of dollars, this seems like a no-brainer. The main barrier to entry is the unintuitive, somewhat complicated setup (maybe an hour?); but VOIP services usually come with extensive guides t
  3. Super Mario World is actually one of the few SNES games with more than 1 frame of inherent input lag (2, specifically), which makes it perhaps not the best game to test input lag with. As others have mentioned though, you can use RetroArch's input lag reduction feature "Run-Ahead", which basically uses save states to send your input back in time, making input handling update in sync with the graphics and sound. Incidentally, PS1 era games often have something like 3-6 frames of input lag. I'd say 2 frames is where it starts to be definitely noticeable in tight platformers. It's an
  4. I wish this video came out a couple weeks ago. I spent far too long trying to figure out how all the pieces come together, realizing I chose the wrong google apps package, twice, etc. Some notes: The Pocophone has unusually limited frequency band support. Compare with local carriers and see if you have adequate coverage.** You probably won't find the (128GB) Poco at $300. I got mine at eGlobal Central for $350 USD, with free shipping (I'm Canadian btw). You can get it something like $20 cheaper at AliExpress; but then you leave yourself open to waiting like a month for the thing t