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    GuardEzio reacted to RShockley13 in High cpu temps with aio   
    I had the same AIO.  The pump on it just quit working one day when started up.  The temps did exactly what you said.  I had to turn it in for warranty replacement.  I would check to see if you can feel the pump running when you turn it on.  If it starts all the way up you can also check Cam to see the pump rpm.
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    GuardEzio got a reaction from camjocotem in Program that shuts down my pc after i havent been there a while!   
    Rather than a third party app, I would set up a task schedule inside Windows to shut the PC down at a specific time instead. 
    If you want more control over the shutdown, you could also bind the task to a hotkey (advanced settings) to only enable the task when the key is pressed - rather than the PC shutting down in the middle of a late-night gaming session (for example). 
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    GuardEzio reacted to bikerchris in Water cooled Server used for underfloor heating?   
    I work in construction and I would never do this, but if anyone is going to try, Linus will. So it's just a suggestion. I don't know about the potential heat output of his server(s) and the Country he is in, probably doesn't need much heating (always looks sunny and warm). But I dunno, might be another construction related video for him and team...that doesn't involve Cement INSIDE the machine ?
    You could even have a 2 way valve to direct it to a hot water tank for washing all those cups up that probably no one does ?
    The more I write, the more idiotic it sounds...so perfect for this lot ?