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    Intel Core i7 7700HQ
  • RAM
    16GB DDR4
  • GPU
    GTX 1050
  • Case
    Dell XPS 15 9560
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    Samsung PM961 NVMe 512GB
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    Dell 15" 3840x2160 IPS 8-bit RGB
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    Logitech G603
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    Windows 10 Home
  1. Hi. I have a WD Elements Portable 4TB that has a faulty usb connector, the drive doesn't seem to even get power when I connect it to a usb port unless I apply a gentle amount of pressure on top of the micro-b connector on the drive, then the led lights up, but I'm not going to force it down just to get it working. The drive is out of warranty so I just opened it hoping to just put it into a new enclosure, but this is a usb only drive, there's no sata connector! So, the drive is pretty much toast because of the connector as far as I can see, I already tested different usb ports and
  2. My dad's laptop (Acer E5-521g-61U7) is slower than a tortoise on its back, but he won't replace it until it breathes its last so I'll have to do what I can. The most obvious issue is the 1x4GB of ram with Windows 10 (forced upgrade from the original Win 8.1), so I was thinking of just buying a 2x4GB kit of ddr3L from Amazon and do a full system format, but I wonder if that AMD A6-6310 is going to do well with Win 10 even with the extra ram. My dad uses it mostly for internet and Office apps, nothing fancy, I just need it to not take fifteen seconds to open a pdf. Also,
  3. I just found out that in Italy where I live there will be a promotion next week for the launch of the Xiaomi Mi9 T and could get it for 299 Euros. How feasible would it be to flash it with a custom rom to get a native(ish) Android experience, and is this something you would recommend at all? I'm talking about doing something like this: https://youtu.be/BsHtfLh6azw
  4. With my Moto X Play on its last legs, I've been looking around for a replacement at the price of maximum 500 Euros. Here's a list of features I'm looking for in priority order: Good battery life (one day of use) Good camera (mostly photos, no video) Lag free interface under normal use (I don't play games on mobile) Stock Android (or very little OS customization and bloatware) So far the Google Pixel 3a XL seem to tick all of these boxes, but I'm open to suggestions.
  5. Not at all, no visual damage to be seen.
  6. I have a Motorola Moto X Play which I bought in 2015, that has been experiencing battery issues for some time now. There's a random chance that when the phone approraches the 50% battery charge, it will shut off claiming the battery is at 0%, when in reality it isn't. The weird thing is that once rebooted doesn't seem to have a problem running for hours. Is my battery busted? Do I need a new phone?
  7. Yeah tried that too, both on my laptop and the one integrated on the router.
  8. Hi everyone, I need some help. I have a Sitecom X4 N300 router that services several devices in my house without issue, except for my laptop that since today cannot connect anymore. Everything was working just fine until today, no changes were made to either the router or the laptop's settings, I've already tested my laptop with other wifi networks and it connects just fine, I have updated the drivers, reinstalled the wifi card and restored the router to factory default (I even triple-checked that the password was correct), but no luck. All I'm getting is an "Unable to connect to t
  9. I've emailed Logitech support to see if I get an answer on this, we'll see if I need a replacement. Couldn't find much online to help me out, except updating the drivers.
  10. HI everyone, I have a Logitech G603 that I connect via Bluetooth to my laptop. However for the past few days I've been experiencing issues with it, it seems to be unable to reconnect automatically after a reboot, sleep or several minutes of inactivity of the system, the only thing that works is to simply re-add it to the BT device list (despite it being already there). I tried changing the batteries, updating the BT drivers and un-checking the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option in Device Manager, not to mention I did a full Win10 installation about a week ago.
  11. Alright, that's a pretty thorough explanation. Thanks for this! Follow up question: are there any programs or file managers (like alternatives to windows explorer) that allow a simple copy-paste of several files to be done sequentially, thus avoiding the need of zipping them up (if that's at all possible, that is)?
  12. I know that, but all the way down to 1.5 MB/s seems excessive.
  13. Hi everyone, I have a Seagate Barracuda 2TB 2.5" 5400rpm drive (that I put in a usb 3.0 external enclosure) that behaves oddly. I'm transferring on it 100 GB of small files (~35,000 files, 2.8 MB each) from another external hdd and the writing speed is excruciatingly slow, jumping between 40 and 1.5 MB/s every few seconds. Granted it is a slow drive, but those speeds seem pretty far from normal. Here's a bunch of info and things I've already tried: - the hard drive is brand new, got it directly from Seagate (I RMA'd another one that failed), and was freshly formatted to NTFS w