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  • CPU
    Intel Core i7 7700HQ
  • RAM
    16GB DDR4
  • GPU
    GTX 1050
  • Case
    Dell XPS 15 9560
  • Storage
    Samsung PM961 NVMe 512GB
  • Display(s)
    Dell 15" 3840x2160 IPS 8-bit RGB
  • Mouse
    Logitech G603
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home
  1. Ok, so forgoing the 2.4GHz band is a no go, because 5GHz doesn't reach certain parts of the apartment. I did what Falcon suggested and it seems to be working for the most part, there are still a few occasional stutters, but nowhere near as often or as severe as before.
  2. I already tested that and forgot to write about it. Ethernet doesn't stutter at all and is rock solid. I'll dive into the router's settings when I'm home, if I recall correctly I can set up a separate guest WiFi, or would that create interference with the main one?
  3. Hi there, I was wondering if there's a way to ensure my laptop uses ONLY the 5GHz band of my router. It's a Dell XPS 15 9560 with an Intel ac8265 WiFi card, the router is a ZTE h2640 dual band. The reason is I'm trying to stream from PSNOW but it's rough and choppy to the point of being unplayable, but Ethernet isn't an option for logistical reasons. The router by default had Band Steering on, which didn't help and things got better when I turned it off, but the connection is still unreliable and it stutters every minute for about 5 seconds like clockwork, as if there's
  4. Of course, but everyone makes mistakes every now and then. What if I value having the piece of mind of a good software watching my back?
  5. I've been using Avast Premium Security for years and the experience has always been positive (except for the annoying pop-up ads), but as my current subscription is about to expire I'm left wondering if it is still necessary in this day and age when I keep hearing about how good Windows Defender is. Besides, aren't malware and ransomware the biggest threats these days more so than viruses? Wouldn't be better to invest in a solid firewall and/or malware removal tools (and common sense, of course) instead of relying on these services and the speed with which they update their databases?
  6. Mmh, so nothing to do but marking them as spam and blocking them?
  7. I do every time but the sender is always different and with different excuses to try and get my data.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm suddenly being inundated by pretty obvious phishing emails that somehow make it through GMail's spam filter. I know for a fact that my email address had been part of a security breach some time ago and I wonder if this might be related (I have since changed my passwords regularly). I already take the usual precautions with my online accounts (unique psw, 2fa, don't subscribe to dodgy services), but I wonder if I should take additional steps in light of these recent emails.
  9. Hi there, it happened again after I updated everything and got rid of the undervolt. HWiNFO is still showing WHEA PCIE Bus Errors and the situation is starting to worry me...
  10. I'll do that. It kinda sucks because the new bios will disable undervolting, which is a must with this laptop in the summer. Edit: btw is there anything I could do to test it after the update? Like running benchmarks or stress tests?
  11. Hi there, my system just experienced a BSOD citing a DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION and upon reboot I've been greeted by a warning that there was no Hard Drive installed. After shutting down and booting up again, all is well apparently, but this is worrying me as I've recently noticed that HWiNFO is showing a number of WHEA PCI/PCIE BUS Errors, I've written about it here. I've checked my SSD with Crystal Disk Mark and it shows an 88% health status, which is why I wonder if this is related to the PCIE bus errors. Also, perhaps unrelated, but just yesterday my system would sudden
  12. The OneDrive single licence seem the most convenient, and 1TB should suffice to backup the real important stuff anyway. Dropbox seem the least convenient price-wise, but I've always had a good experience with the free version. GoogleDrive is attractive for the 200GB option for only 30€/month, but I've heard horrible rumours about Google randomly terminating user accounts because of their algorithm messing up.
  13. Ok, thanks for clarifying. I'm not necessarily looking for a sharing service, just the remote storage part. What's the general consensus on dropbox, onedrive and google drive? I tend towards dropbox as I don't like leaving my files with big corporations.
  14. I'm looking for a cloud storage service to backup a several GB of videos and photos I've worked on over the years, so far I've heard good things about BackBlaze and CrashPlan especially considering the pricing and ease of use, but they seem to be geared more towards being a 'system backup' rather than a remote storage that I have full control over. Or maybe I have misunderstood what those services are all about. What I'm basically looking for is something like Dropbox, but ideally with better pricing.
  15. Cool. Any model in particular?