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  1. So the title is pretty self explanatory. I updated some drivers using a utility and immediately all usb ports stopped working. They seem to be giving out power but no devices plugged in show up. I have completely reinstalled windows but no luck. Wtf do I do now? Ps. AMD R7 3700x, ROG strix b450e mobo, asus 2070.
  2. So I'm building a (fairly cheap) PC for my friend, his criteria: Fast RGB So, the first one is easy enough, but RGB is actually harder. Yep, I'm surprised too. I'm looking for the cheapest mobo with an ARGB header that supports ryzen 2000 series. I'm in the UK so prices in Pounds (£) would be great if there are any other Brits out here. Thanks
  3. Ok, thanks so much, I hadn't realised they were under controller!
  4. How many front USB 3.0 will one internal usb 3.0/3.1 Gen 1 support? If less then 3, can you link a splitter/hub that would allow me to do this?
  5. So is there some kind of adaptor for this?
  6. On Asus' website it says it has "1x usb 3.1 Gen 1
  7. Hi I'm a bit confused with whether the Asus ROG Strix B450-E has support for front USB-C. Basically the new naming system perplexed me. Can anyone help?
  8. You know, I looked but completely missed that filter lol. thx
  9. So I'm building a pc with my dad, AMD build but specs are irrelevant. For some reason my dad has to have a front usb c port. If possible can you list literally every mid tower case that has it? Thanks