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  1. ive tried different HDMI cables but I haven't tried new ports on the card itself. I will implement that tomorrow when I get the chance. thank you for your tips ill try all this and get back to you tomorrow most likely
  2. update: I uninstalled graphics driver using windows device manager, reinstalled it and the issue is still occuring
  3. so my computer has been running perfectly fine and stable for some time now, but suddenly I started getting pretty bad screen tearing issues and now im also experiencing my primary monitor losing signal it seems for a short time. im not 100% sure if that is what is happening but when im on the computer, monitor 1 will suddenly black out for anywhere between .5 seconds to 10 seconds and then come back to life and work as normal. it will do this multiple times in a row then suddenly stop and not have a fit anymore. I have tried a new HDMI so I can rule out the cable being the issue. the monitor
  4. @-rascal- these are the exact sticks I have https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233365 they are rated for 1600. I did adjust my memory timings a while ago when I was having severe stability issues (the resolution was changing memory timing from T1 to T2) since then my crashes were substantially less frequent, but still present where I then corrected that issue by disabling the low power settings, where then my crashes were only happening when I put the computer to sleep and reawoke the PC. that is about what I'm at now except that when I ran the stability test recomm
  5. these are my current BIOS settings and I have actually thought of that, my case is set up in a way that there is cool air being forced in on my VRM over my IO ports and my water cooler is forcing hot air from the top out of the case. so basically my case has a large intake on the front of the case and a small intake on the back top of my case and then the hot air exhaust causing the cool air to be forced up over the mobo and over the socket vrm's and then out of the case. however I plan to install an intake onto the back of my socket and possibly attach a fan to the heatsink of my VRM's but I'
  6. I managed to actually get a minidump file from the last crash so im going to upload it here for you, maybe it could contain some useful information on the root problem of the crashing. I use an online dumpreader to check these but this one its kinda just gibberish to me. @-rascal- @HighFad 112818-23343-01.dmp
  7. @-rascal- my water cooler is an aquachanger 240 and my RAM is running at 1600 I think, it's the stock for the RAM. (x3 corsair vengeance 8 GB ddr3). what is DOCP? I haven't seen that setting in my bios so it's probably enabled. my windows power settings are on the default settings for high performance.
  8. my CPU is water cooled. @-rascal- I have tried to underclock the CPU down to even 3.0 GHz and I still experience these blue screens on wake of my computer. I don't know exactly why or how though
  9. I'm gonna take that entire video as a yes @wONKEyeYEs
  10. okay so I spilled soda on my keyboard about a week ago. I went through and cleaned the affected, sticky switches with rubbing alcohol and a Qtip however my keyboard has a volume wheel in the top right corner, it feels very sticky and it kind of grinds a little when I turn it. could there be soda in the turning mechanism? or did the rubbing alcohol possibly remove the grease on the spinning parts? I just need to know if regular mechanical keyboard grease could be applied to this or if it would cause some form of problem with the wheel and mess it up. also I know this sounds really weird but the
  11. after changing my bios settings and running a test on OCCT I was experiencing severe throttling at a firing 70 C during the test, I don't want to put the processor through a 12 hour form of that, I might try again with my case side taken off and a massive box fan next to my PC to suck the hot air out. @HighFad the CPU was watering between 4.7 GHz and 1.4 GHz Windows was registering a constant 3.6 GHz though. I wonder why that is
  12. I played some games, I didn't have HW monitor open during the time so the maxes are actually wrong, the normal max temps while in game is 50C for package, however after the 24 hour mark one of my fans seemed to be ticking and it was concerning me, however I went ahead with a heavy stress test and a few games. the max temps were still manageable 55C I forgot to post the print screen I had before I shut down the PC for cleaning and connection testing. @HighFad thanks for the help, ill post with an update as to what I had to do if I can get it fixed and stable