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  1. https://forum.substance3d.com/index.php?topic=35912.0 Link for some people who had the same issue. I did the fix he said. But still would be nice that this would've been fixed on windows itself...
  2. However. 1 month ago. I was able to do that. Now i can't for some reason...
  3. I can't sometimes save or modify files on the softwares i work with. Anyone know how to deal with this ? I've already putted them on the allowed list but still doesnt work. This is the error i get.
  4. Hey i didnt tho bout this before. But can i use like 3 sticks, like insted of rma all of my new rams i stay with one and use it together with my older ones. The older ones are 2x8gb plus this new one being 16gb. They're from different brands but are all ddr4. So it should work right ?
  5. Hmm, alright will clean it to see. Also i've found this. What do you think ? https://www.deskdecode.com/how-to-repair-a-dead-ram-stick-memory-stick/
  6. So i bought two 16gb ram sticks to get 32gb. I installed both of them. Their rgbs were working but no boot. I tested with separate sticks and one of them doesnt boot at all. The other one works. So. Is there a way to repair the other stick that you guys might be aware off ?
  7. Yeah i enabled it and i think its working. In the past i did this before but forgot to enable the on build tv freesync... Thanks
  8. Yes its FreeSync tho nvidia panel says its not compatible.
  9. The idea of vsync capping frames isn't totally true. On planetside 2 vsync does not limit my fps to my monitor hz. And vsync kills screen tearing if you have enough frames to keep up with. Weird that i dont see screen tearing with reflex and vsync off in that game.
  10. I've started using vsync and trying to keep my games beyond my monitor hz to avoid screen tearing... Looks greats when above 100 fps. Then i saw this new game called enlisted on a open beta. After looking at its settings i found out they do have this nvidia reflex option. If you enable it, the game automatically disables vsync. And i don't see much different if any at all. Now, i've looked at the nvidia reflex explanation video and they still say to use their gsync stuff. So, i still need vsync or not ? Im not sure whats going on here...
  11. Thanks man for the insight. Yeah i dont feel confortable at all.
  12. Apparently i'm not being able to play battlefield 4 anymore. Servers pings are all too high and when i get in any server i get kicked because my ping doesnt show up in the server. Looked into it and i saw a lot of people saying to put my NAT option on my router to open or whatever. Now.. Idk if that is safe. I've never needed to do this to play any multiplayer game ever. So what do you guys know about this ? Like in this video
  13. Btw found out that playing in windowed mode it doesnt need to achieve my monitor refresh rate. So apparently im using triple buffering from my own windows 10.
  14. Hmm, i see. I dont want to buy an amd (can't actually) just because of this screen tearing thing. So if my monitor hz is 100 that means if i get like 90 frames i'll get screen tearing, tho on a 60hz monitor i wouldn't ?
  15. Oh i tho stuttering meant screen tearing. ops...
  16. I just saw this video from our good friend Linus and i would want to know.... Since vsync falls short if my gpu can't keep up with the same hz my monitor has. Does it means that if i get a powerful enough gpu that can throw enough frames. I won't have screen tearing ? So i won't need to match the monitor and the gpu freesync and gsync thing ? I just bough a new logitech mouse. And it made me realize how bad the screen tearing is when gaming fps...
  17. Currently i've a 2070. Not great profits from mining. Looking for a 3080 and for more years a 3090 if BTC still looks good enough on its currency....