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Gustavo Dutra

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  • Birthday Feb 01, 2000


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    ryzen 7 2700x
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    Rog crosshair viii hero
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    16 gb
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    RTX 2070
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    SSD250GB & HDD1TG

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  1. I'm on windows 10, it is updated, Bios is updated.
  2. Btw it comes with three folders and each of them has 3 files. So i should burn these 3 ?
  3. Unfortunatly i do. My file explorer keeps crashing when i right click my ssd or hdd.
  4. "If it's not an .exe burn it to a flash drive using Rufus or BalenaEtcher and boot from it " So how do i really come about doing that ?
  5. Is it like the chipset ? Idk how to proceed here.
  6. Idk why this happens. I've searched a bit bout it and saw this thread : https://www.eightforums.com/threads/right-click-on-local-disk-produces-crash.16428/ But i'm not sure if that is what im looking for... Tested the solution on that thread, but didnt work...
  7. I've for months tried to buy the card i wanted. I've talked a lot in here. But the prices just keeps getting higher and higher. So i've tho. Why not buy a lower res monitor and just switch ? I'm really tempted in doing it. But i don't know if this is really worth it. What do you guys think ?
  8. Oh fuck. I've just realized that what he actually meant on the benchmark part is that he's trying to overclock it. But is complaining that the software crashes when he does it. I bet he's got no idea what he is doing.... He said he was an IT guy. Yeah i see.... Goddamn it and i gave him 2 weeks of guarantee.... I shouldn't have done that...
  9. Context: I sold my old gtx 980. Days later the buyer called me saying that when he was playing and recording at the same time. The screen was flickering because of his recording, when not recording works perfectly. He tried to benchmark it too in one software but it freezes. In my defense : I've fully to my knowledge tested this gpu. I've played two games while recording and i used 3dmark. The card worked fine for me. The only reason i can see is that i asked him how was his workflow for installing a graphics card. He said that he just puts it in the case and is done. I alw
  10. I've got a ultrawide 3440x1440 monitor. I've looked some benchmarks and it looks like this card can handle any games at my resolution. What do you guys think ?