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  1. Screwing it to the psu and connecting the psu wont do anything, the grounding doesn't ground the dammn psu case, the case acts as a mini Faraday's to isolate the internal circuitry from ... Well everything, just screw it to a metal and use that as ground, unless somehow u ate a battery your es wont charge that metal surface within the year
  2. It will work fine, as long as u change the k600, that being said, if you ever need to undervolt to get ur psu working you are running extreme risks since most psu can go over wattage and u'll be running over max even if runs, but for a 1050 it will do
  3. Its a server class hdd, its noisy af, i cant get a slower hdd and ik dead silent 5400 rpm drives but thats way too slow, i guess i will end up with 2 4tb 860 evos
  4. Oh, i know im expending 700ish, thats why asked for a cheap one, 860 evo is not necessary as something slower will do, but i can't just stand my hdd anymore, noisy hunk of junk
  5. Know of any, fairly reliable ssd to use as mass storage drives? To get rid of the loud hdd noise wich really annoys me, capacity of 6tb or more if possible, don't really care about speed as its going tonbe faster than the hdd anyway, i guess i'll deal with whatever qlc you come across
  6. Well, it will be slower than my old i7 2600k oc 4.5ghz but it will get the job done with 16gb ddr3, still 80$ is too expensive for outdated xeons, if it was board+cpu... Maybe but only cpu nha
  7. Vice is extremely risky as lake series pcb is considerably thinner than previous gens, and its likely to bend or break, that+i don't have a "decent" vice, my one is more, 1 metter metal part than 4 cm so won't work, nha just need to 3d print one once i figure out how to use the dammn printer lol
  8. First build and board is having fun with you, unlucky, i've built many and i've seen weird problems to the stupid level, like my old board wich crashed if i placed my ram 1 at slot 1 and 2 at 2, but if i swaped the ram (one stick for the other) it would work perfectly, like, what the hell if it was a board or ram problem it shouldn't work by moving the sticks to same slots but the other way around xd, but it does and today still does, and its ddr 1 ram what im talking about, just try stuff, and leave it be for tomorrow if so, don't be surprised if its something really dumb, also check every la
  9. Oh trust me i would like to have a 9900k but money won't do for rtx 2080 ti AND i9 hah, thats why i want heavy oc, die lapping is extremely dangerous btw, and if u mean ihs lapping, nha rather delid but i cant find decent delid tools for sale here, and no, not paying 90€ for an automated one bcz im not a delider shop
  10. Welcome to building your pc, when it works fine its great, when x thing fails its annoying but when, "something" you don't know what is it fails... Oh thats REALLY annoying haha
  11. Isn't lcc supposed to be good, ik it is overshooting, at full i get 1.36 vcore , i also manually set pll oc as the auto was going completely nuts at it, as far as i know that crap is the imc and as long as you dont have 4000 ram you don't need much, have it at 1.15v (lower wont work with 3333mhz ram) So, any idea of, EU proof monitors xd like the ones i posted bcz others are, or non existent, not available here or plainly costs 1k€ Wich im not expending
  12. Ik, sadly 90% of these are not available at europe or cost 4 times more literally
  13. If its like nearly all mobos and doesn't have any fancy self updater, you should have a flash option somewhere, you use it and will look at your usb for a bios flash, you need to download it and paste to your usb, (from another pc obviously), then it will be quite easy
  14. Maximus formula viii z170 from asus, temps stay at 84 c with case fans completely off and radiator fans at, silent mode, at prime 95 max heat 0 avx offset
  15. Because its a motherboard, its not like a fan where it works or not, motherboards have lots of elements, chipsets lanes, pci m2 satas power to each one, ram socket pins, fan header, and so on, each of these is controlled by something, the Ethernet goes to the network card, and usb to usb controller, if the usb power or controller fail... Well the rest might work perfectly or, not