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  1. @CableMod Finally got a response back from one of my tickets with Gigabyte that actually helped >.< Just in case anybody else asks about this - they informed me that their devs disabled the advanced feature in their software right now while they are expanding the devices it's compatible with. They expect the advanced features to be brought back in sometime in Q1 2019. Cheers!
  2. @CableMod Looks like I might just have an outdated or wrong version of RGB fusion because I don't have advanced mode in my software installation. Thanks for the help, much friendlier and more helpful than gigabytes support team, I'll check this out tonight!
  3. @CableMod There isn't... I don't see it anywhere and there's no online information about it anywhere. Despite your RGB/UV strip being directly listed on their website for the Aorus Gaming 7, Gigabyte support responded with this -"RGB effect can be set with the software, we have not heard of any option to enabling the UV effect on the LED strip, normally that should be enable by default. Did you checked with Cablemod on how to enable the UV feature on the LED strip?" Seems like I'm being bounced back and forth but nobody knows >.< per the picture below, both LED headers are connected
  4. @CableMod - How to turn on UV portion of these strip without using the remote? I have my 5 pins directly plugged into my Auros Gaming 7 5 pin header and can control RBG values just fine using Gigabyte Fusion. However, I'm unable to find anywhere that you can switch to UV instead of RGB without using using the remote.