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  1. If i were to pair the i7 from the 1080 mockup to the 2080 one would it be superior?
  2. Ah, i wasn't sure. So its a more balanced setup? Is there anything that is lacking that i can improve with the 1080 setup?
  3. In aesthetics or capability? Aesthetics are not a major priority for myself, smart choices and over all output is, but i dont have the know how to do that
  4. First time making an account after using advice from here for years, so hope this is right format/thread. Looking to replace my 5yr old pc to proper utilise my 3440x1440p monitor @ 100fps ideally. I currently have this set up - gtx770, i3, 8gbs and it just isnt cutting it. I am not an experianced builder so these might be bad but links below are to PCPartPicker (AUS) mockups. Cpu has changed as well, would the i5 bottleneck the 2080? Which would be a better balanced system? RTX 2080Ti FE or GTX 1080Ti