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  1. So you have tested different ports on the router, on your computer, used different cables, and updated drivers. Has this connection always had issues or is this a new issue? are both connections going to the same computer?
  2. So your saying with the cat 7 cable directly connected to the router works without issue but issues happen with the one that is cable managed? is there any damage to the cat 6 cable? i would also try manually modifying the connection speed as moony suggested but not familiar with that process.
  3. Ofcourse, doubt the space for the mobo tray and back panel will be almost an inch
  4. Well hope it is fixed when you change out the PSU, thats an interesting symptom if it is fixed with a new one.
  5. The width of the case is 7.01 inches and the height of the cooler is 6.3 inchs, so I think it will fit.
  6. Have you tried updating the drivers?
  7. I have the hyper 212 black edition and its amazing! The height of the cooler is 6.3 inchs. What case are you going to put it in?
  8. So its just gaming keyboard it sounds, have you tried normal keyboards? also try booting to linux and see if it persists
  9. Have you tried a different usb port hub? Does it happen with any other USB devices?
  10. Awesome, I have never done liquid cooling but this time seems to be the best option for my situation. How do you recognize its time to replace it besides it overheating and shutting down?
  11. Thank you everyone, Sorry have been busy with work. I was going to go with an air cooler but with the clearance of the CPU cooler being 59 mm its hard to find one that will fit and not too confident with cooling performance. Are you saying that NZXT's are likely to leak? I will message you as I have questions that I would like to clarify.
  12. Awesome thank you, So far im looking at these 3 CLCs EVGA CLC 240mm 400-HY-CL24-V1 Corsair iCUE H100i RGB Pro XT NZXT Kraken X53 240mm - RL-KRX53-01
  13. I know that i should not cheap out on one because I need it to be reliable haha. I forgot to mention the clearance for AIO sizes is 240 mm.