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  1. (38) Block EVERY Online Ad with THIS - Pi-Hole on Raspberry Pi - YouTube They did lol
  2. I would put the back fan in the front. Right now your back intake fan and the fan on your cpu cooler are now fighting eachother. If you put the fan in the front the cpu cooler fan can work together to get air thru the heatsink and the cpu fan will blow air out the back.
  3. Both great choices but there are a few smal differences: Seasonic has 10 sata connectors on the cables vs 8 on the MSI. MSI has 4 molex vs 3 on the seasonic. Seasonic has a 0 rpm mode on the fan. MSI has a bigger fan but is also 2 cm deeper. I would say with the current shortage with the miners get what you can. PS: Chance is quite large that MSI is using seasonic as their oem meaning Seasonic may me making both of these psu's lol
  4. Do you maybe have a different CPU to test the board?
  5. Is there a specific reason you have your back fan as an intake? The back fan mount is not filtered and a lot of dust will get in your precious pc now. The top and front of your case do have filters.
  6. Hey all, I have a asus laptop (i5 7300HQ, 8GB RAM, GTX 1050) and i find 8 GB off ram to less for my usecases. There is 8GB DDR4 from Hyundai soldered to the motherboard and 1 free SODIMM slot. Can i just put every ramstick in there as long as it is DDR4?
  7. I am trying to update ark survival evolved and i haven't played it in a while so it is a pretty big update. It starts normal intializing and preallocating and all that stuff and the download goes like this. When i installed the game i had the same issue. PLZZ HELP ME