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  1. Corsair HX850 Power supply... It's seen 560TI SLI, 970 SLI, Phenom, Phenom II and FX
  2. I've got a broken Phenom II 980 that gets up to 97C in BIOS... I was debating turning it into a cocoa mug warmer as a joke...
  3. Set your wanted OS drive as boot primary while your in there. It'll load the OS from that one only and the rest just sit around like normal data files. Pulled the same thing moving some files to a Clean Win10 build from an old and abused Win 10 build no trouble.
  4. 1 . So looking at that second Aida64 picture: Its kicking itself into AMD Quiet'n'Cool Mode (Wikipedia Cool'n'Quiet Article) when not under load. 2. NH-L9x65 Cooler is not recommend by Notctua (Noctua L9X65 Guidelines) for 125w Processors hence no good for a FX-8350. 3. GA-970A-D3SP only have a 4+1 VRM plus 970 boards will run hot. I've run a FX-8350 on MSI 970 Gaming (6+2 VRM) and saw temps on the VRM up to 80C. I'd look for a better rated CPU cooler and some kind of cooling fan for the VRM heatsink if your friends is deadset on keeping the board. Otherwise, 990FX bo
  5. I wonder if some motherboard stand offs would thread nicely into those mounts. If so, Paint them black with some nail polish and suddenly it matches.
  6. Dark Age of Computer Modding: The Gallery. *Cue Thunder and Lightning*