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  1. I'll try it. It just surprises me how the computer doesn't know how to boot up to it but Zorin clearly sees that it exists on the drive. Now I'm thinking it might be a bios problem, but I'm still not sure about it. I do happen to have secure boot off.
  2. Ok, I'll try it tomorrow and see what happens. I'm also gonna try using different bootable software (i used Balena Etcher before) and see if that changes anything Edit: I noticed after trying to re-install Zorin that Linux detects that zorin is on the drive, but the bios doesn't. Now I'm not sure if its a bios or linux problem.
  3. Hi! I bought a laptop a long time ago and I decided to replace its original windows 10 OS with Zorin OS, a Ubuntu based distro. I have dual boot Ubuntu on my desktop, so I know the basics of how to install OS. However, after it says it installed my Dell doesn't boot into it, or even say it exists. In the installer it says where its going, and it looks right, so I'm asking here for what the problem might be. The Dell is lacking a lot, with only 2 gb of ram and a 32 gig emmc drive, but I thought that'd be perfect for a lite Linux distro. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks @thebst, ill see if that helps!
  5. I have been having a lot of trouble getting Spellbreak to work on my PC. I know that it just released about 4 days ago, but I still hate having the game crash constantly and not being able to play with people because of it. I have tried several things, running the game and epic games launcher (im going to use EGL for short) in admin mode, disabling fullscreen enhancements, turning on compatibility mode, and more. I still havent found a fix. I know it just came out but if this is a local issue and not something fixable in a patch then id like to know how to fix it before it gets too far into de
  6. im not running mc with mods! thats the annoying part.
  7. About 30 seconds - 2 minutes into playing, the screen almost seems like it does a refresh and then turns into this. Any ideas?
  8. Yes, with the game ready driver. I've actually done that whole procedure twice.
  9. @RadiatingLight I've already done this in the past and it still continues to do it. I even have used DDU
  10. I built my computer in late 2018, and ever since then I have had issues with running games and apps that use the GPU. I have a really basic build, with a Ryzen 3 200g, and a GTX 1050 2G. I have an Asus Prime A-230 board with 16 gb of Corsair 2400mhz ram. I don't know what's happening, because even in simple to run games like Minecraft, that can run off of a potato, my game still crashes. I've also had trouble with CS:GO from time to time, and at this point I don't really know what to do. I have all my settings in all of my games at low-medium, depending on the game because I understand what my
  11. another thing is that CS:GO's gameplay and gun mechanics can and always will be really stupid. At times (like myself) i can get an ace with 4 headshots using a USP-S, or i can get absolutely demolished because counter strike decided to make the Negev a laser. It's definitely a game where you have to learn the ins and outs of. I have close to 500 hours in that game and still sometimes have no idea how to play it.
  12. Disk Management also wouldn't let me reformat it, i forgot to mention that to you all beforehand
  13. No, i just have whatever Windows Defender offers. It became read only after the first try of using it as a bootable USB.
  14. Hey guys, recently i had the decision to change my OS on my laptop to something other than Ubuntu (my desktop, which I'm typing on right now, is Windows) because Ubuntu was a little bit too heavy for the laptop i was using. After having some trouble with Linux light, i went to put on Linux Mint, and my USB drive itself is read-only. the drive doesn't have a lock on it, and I've tried all of the basic ways to fix this online, and it hasn't changed. I'm running windows 10 pro 64 bit. Any ideas?