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  • Birthday Jan 23, 2003

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    UK, East Midlands
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    AMD FX6300
  • Motherboard
    Asus M5A78L-M
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    8GB corsair value select
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    1tb WD blue
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    650W or 550W (cant remember lol)
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    Windows ftw

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  1. Jelz

    Case lighting

    Just put in some white led lights that I found and soldered a sata power connector to it and it actually looks quite good, also please ignore my bad soldering.
  2. Thanks for your response, I will bear this in mind, do you know what the darks spots on the motherboard is and are they something to worry about ?
  3. Hello, in my brothers pc he had a ryzen 5 3600 with asrock b450 steel legend and Corsair vengeance 3600mhz, when we go into bios and try to enable xmp or manually change the ram speed to 3600 the pc does not boot and it restarts a few times and then it resets ram speed too, we have tried a different set of ram and the problem persists. There is also dark patches on the motherboard behind the vrms which feels greasy to the touch, cpu is performing normally boosting up to 4.2ghz i have attached a picture of the dark patches, cheers
  4. Jelz


    I have gotten 2 BSOD errors in the past week with the same stop code, the stop code is "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" and the what failed is nviddmkm.sys also a note is that the second time this happened i was updating my graphics drivers and after a quick google it is saying that graphics drivers is the cause, just wondering if it is a concern. i have a 2070 super.
  5. yeah if i ever do more pc upgrades its coming with a better powersupply 100%, but i thought a lower watt higher quality one wouild be better than a cheap chinese one
  6. yeah the display port cables with the monitors were just too short and it annoys me too, also the two cables coming from the socket are actually now stuck to the underside of the desk so there is less hang
  7. Finally finished my pc build and desk setup, for now at least. pc: Ryzen 5 3600 b450 tomahawk max 16gb 3200 ram RTX 2070 super corsair tx550m crucial p1 ssd seagate 2tb hdd recently upgraded case and cooler from thermal take case to Corsair 275r airflow and the cooler from a stock one to a be quiet dark rock pro 4 (maybe a bit overkill but oh well). When I first got the desk I had 2 22 inch monitors and decided to upgrade to 2 27 inch ones didn’t realise how large they would be tho . The monitors are aoc 27g2u 144hz. mouse and key
  8. Jelz


    Didn’t even realise they were a thing I will look into it, thank you
  9. Jelz


    I some of the cables for the fans or the front panel connectors weren’t long enough to properly manage so I just kinda had to leave them as they were
  10. Jelz


    Had the pc for a year now (to the day) and I’ve just upgraded the case and cooler and thought I’d post it on here because it looks pretty good. However rgb fans will be coming eventually. Also if anyone has any pointers for something I’ve either done wrong or could do differently I’m open to criticism
  11. I will try moving the fan forwards and having it as intake, I’m thinking of buying a Corsair spec delta carbine case and also getting a be quiet dark rock tr4 cooler. Not sure about comparability though
  12. The bays at the front are riveted in, also I’m thinking of getting a new case, a Corsair spec delta carbine case and a be quiet dark rock tr4 cooler. However I’m not sure about the comparability of the cooler
  13. Hi, I’ve taken a picture of the outside and inside. Ryzen 5 3600 Rtx 2070 super the pc idles around 45-50 degrees and when it’s on load the cpu gets to peaking at 90-95 degrees then drops down to 85ish
  14. Ok, there is a filter behind it though? I’m just currently doing a few tests with / without the front panel to see the differences. The filter looks like the same one on my power supply, image attached
  15. Hi, should the foam in the front panel of the case be taken out? There is some on top and bottom as shown in the picture, I’ve been getting bad cooling and not sure if this is the reason or if the case is just bad. any feedback is appreciated! Thank you