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Jun Ishiwata

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  • Birthday Mar 22, 1992

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    Graphic designer


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    Asus maximus z390 XI CODE
  • RAM
    32 GIG - Corsair Vengeance Led 3200Mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1080TI FTW 3
  • Case
    Lian li o-11
  • Storage
    m.2 970 EVO 500GIG + 2T HDD
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    Corsair 1000watt
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    Alienware aw3418dw 34
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    NZXT x62 kraken + 6x corsair ll120 rgb
  • Keyboard
    Obins ANNE PRO 2
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    Razer Naga
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    AudioEngine a2+
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro

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  1. Hey mate thanks for the reply , did you have the flickering at the motherboard splash screen and bios aswell ? cause i'm experiencing this..
  2. Hey guys so a friend of mine told me there was something wrong with her laptop. I said i'd look at it andit actually does some weird things. Whenever there is a black background on the screen the screen flickers in every color.. also on the splash screen etc. At first i thought it would be just a driver issue on how she explained the problem but now that i have the device here myself i think its gpu related.. but i'm not sure. Does anyone of you have had this before ? What was the problem ?
  3. So i've had this wheel for about a year now and everything was going great until one day i woke up and saw that my pc rebooted itself. I didn't think of it as too strange until i tried starting steam and it constantly just crashed whilst opening. After a long search on what it could be i unplugged my T300 Thrustmaster racing wheel and steam just normally started up... I thought it was strange and started a racing game ( Project Cars2 , Assetto corsa), Plugged my wheel back in and the game just instantly crashes + steam aswell. I tried uninstalling the drivers and re-installing them but not
  4. hey guys so i just built a new computer to give to my stepfather as a surprise. Everything went smooth until i started to install windows. I made a bootable usb with rufus and it worked. I ran the installation but it soon stated that there is no drive found to install windows on altough the bios does see the samsung evo 970 ssd. After searching online i read that i had to change the bios settings and i did do that but nothing seemed to work. So what i did was insert the m.2 in my own machine and allocating it with disc management. Now i thought well this must work then... Nope .. Nothing. S
  5. Yes i re-installed the drivers but i got Shell Common DLL errors after that. i did this : cmd code : regsvr32 /i shell32.dll powershell code: Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser And it seemed to work...
  6. Ok so ... i found something weird really. It seems like the problem is my T300 Thrustmaster racing wheel. Whenever i unplug it and restart, open steam and run a game it runs fine. Then i insert the T300 USB cable and the game crashes.
  7. Nope nothing... i'm just running it on normal. Maybe set my bios to factory settings again to be sure ?
  8. So this morning i woke up and saw that my computer restarted on its own... When i started steam it didn't open so i had to re-install steam (that didn't work) , First uninstalled drivers with DDU then re-installed GPU drivers (didn't work), Checking for viruses and malware (nothing found, restarting my computer over and over. Eventually steam starts.. i locate my game folder and start Assetto corsa ( get crash when starting a race), Start Project Cars2 ( crashes when opening ) , insurgency: sandstorm ( Crashes when making a game). Everything seems to crash... and i don't know why. GPU:EVGA
  9. Hey guys, so this is my current set up. Processor : intel i9 9900k Cooling : NZXT x62 kraken cooler + 6x Corsair LL120 RGB fans GPU : EVGA 1080ti ftw 3 MEMORY : 32 gig corsair vengeance memory 3200 Mhz MOTHERBOARD : Asus maximus XI code Z390 STORAGE : samsung 500g 970 evo m.2 ssd + 2T hdd CASE : Lian Li o-11 MONITOR : alienware aw3418dw 34 KEYBOARD : Obins ANNE PRO 2 MOUSE : G703 Logitech Monitor arm : Amazon basics SPEAKERS : AudioEngine a2+ CHAIR: Secret lab omega Still looking for a nice desk lamp tho.. a
  10. Bose still has the best noice canceling in town .. if thats the most important thing for you ... go for bose.. I tried some in the past like those sony's for instance and they're ok.. but the noice canceling isn't perfect.
  11. I actually do use Chrome .. But Chrome has saved a lot of my passwords that i don't remember . What browser do you propose i should use ?
  12. No i don't use those ... just a asus z390 maximus code XI.
  13. oh i see thats actually very helpful .. I do have a second MVME slot .. I'll look into that. Thanks for the informative comment.