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  1. I mean if you are strapped for cash and 120$ is something that is life changing at all then no just get 16gbs because you really won't notice the difference. If 120$ is something that you have just laying around and you don't lose sleep over it go for it and never have to worry about ram problems again. I have 32gbs and I rarely use it. It's just a nice to have knowing that I'm set for awhile.
  2. Yah I would really wait and see what the new CPU's from AMD are looking like and the prices and performance of them. That would be the wise choice because you also know that the 2nd gen CPU's will go on sale or be cheap on used markets because people want the new stuff.
  3. You need to give your full pc specs and stuff my dude.
  4. yes it is enough for 1440p gaming. For how long well I don't know depends on the game. I wouldn't worry about it tho because AAA games use around 7gbs of vram at 1440p at the current year.
  5. Honestly either is fine for 4k gaming because you don't even need an amazing fast cpu for 4k. The reason is because the gpu is the bottle neck at that res. So imo I would go for the cheaper one (AMD) and also because you can upgrade later to a better cpu if needed.
  6. okay I will do that thanks for the info glad that my chip is running fine. So far the performance is amazing. I've been ryzen sense gen 1 and I've been happy with everyone. Gen 1 meaning zen 1 not early years.
  7. Yah I can't wait to get a 3080 and play cyberpunk it's going to be awesome.
  8. Ah okay dang so setting profile sets for different tasks is important then lmao. Do you have a 3950x?
  9. Hi it's me again im wondering if I should get a new cooler at this point. My CPU (which is a 3950x) while watching streams and being at idle will spike to 74c a lot. My room temp is I would say chilly. The thermal paste I use is like 2 years old and is call IC Diamond 7 Carat and is applied right and freshly with adequate pressure on the screws. I have a NHD 15s and I have only one fan in the middle of it. I have undervolted it by -.75. If anyone has some insight to what could help that would be great. Note that temps are fine when under a blender load maxing at 81c and while gaming like 66c 7
  10. No it is def airflow bottle necked I know that it was just weird that I was getting higher temps when putting it at a lower voltage. With the offset tho and not manually doing it seems to be working just fine.
  11. you cant take off the front panel on this case.
  12. yah I need like a fractal or something with a better front panel. thanks for the replies tho everyone
  13. okay heard that Ill try that later considering I dont want to spend another hour testing everything again.
  14. It drops about 15-20c when everything is stock and the side panel is off the max it gets is 68c at 3.9ghz
  15. okay ill try a 1.1 do you think I can at least have the ratio to 42?
  16. meaning in the bios I have manually set the v core to 1.3 im using the asus bios btw
  17. yes the side panel does drop it a lot should I just get a better case?
  18. Hi, I have had my 3950x for awhile now and I have always had a problem with the temps. When I leave everything at auto the max it gets is 85c. When I drop the voltages to 1.3v in the same tests (cine and blender) it reaches 100c. The case I am using it the nzxt h500i and the cooler is a noctua dh-d15 with only one fan. Im hoping someone could explain how I can get better temps. I have replaced the thermal and mounting it to the cpu twice now so im sure its not that.
  19. Bro honestly that is way to much work thank you for sparing me. Did you have to read as well? ew
  20. lmao thanks I could of looked that up but hey at least it is enough tho that make me happy.
  21. would a 650 watt power supply be good enough for the 3070?
  22. How the fuck does that happen what kind of filth did they live in? Or are they just unlucky people like what?
  23. Well have you tested it to see if it being dirty was the issue?