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  1. Which country, I've already packed my stuff. Wanna know how much I pay per kwh, having the most profitable mining ratio? 30+ cents per kwh. Even if I break all barriers of physics to achieve the most insane overclock in the history of gpu's, it wouldn't be profitable at all.
  2. Report, at 2560 I reached a maximum of 110 herz (possibly more, though I moved @ 5 hz per step-up). 115hz on all resolutions (2560-1920) resulted in black screen or artifacts&frame-skipping. Guess my hopes were way too high from a super-fancy gaming monitor. 10 extra hz are not worth it (+ there are some other issues such as my monitor osd displaying 55hz when setting the graphics card/display refreshrate through windows to 110hz. It really felt slow and stuttery so I suppose osd was correct). All in all, I will stay with stock 100hz. Thanks for helping anyway, it was
  3. No idea how you wizard can achieve 33mh/s, mine barely goes beyond 27mh/s. How much do you pay per kilowatt-hour?
  4. I edited my reply, you are right. Now, what confuses me is that some say 120hz is max on dp1.2 at 3440x1440p while others come with some type of calculations of 1.2dp bandwith etc... I suppose the correct answer is 100hz max on dp1.2 Some sites ("polish the console") suggest "So, can hdmi do 144hz? from the above explanation you can use HDMI 2.0 to display 144Hz at 1440p" <--- 2560x1440. so can I just drop the res to 2560 and have 120 hz (as @Fasauceomesaid that 10-15[ish] is doable / a good oc)?
  5. Both the monitor (accord. spec link) and the 2060 (accord. nvidia) support DisplayPort 1.4(a). 1.4 supports up to 144Hz. EDIT: Sorry you are right the monitor supports only up to 1.2
  6. Hey. I added the Monitor in the middle of the post, the specs link has everything. 3440 100hz indeed. Gpu 2060.
  7. Wow thank you so much for the reply !! After creating the thread I thought I was coming over as too aggresive because of the beginning part, so I apologize for that.
  8. Context: Actual means realistic noticeable damages, not theoretical assumptions, because everyone can say that any overclock will kill your electronics etc... yet we don't fear-monger when OCing CPU&RAM etc... So no assumptions or "perhaps" please, actual expierenced replies. I remember back in the day people were scared to oc cpus and gpus etc... Thinking somethign was gonna break or die etc... Nowadays, OCing Cpus or GPUs is as sinple and safe as clicking a button in a GUI. Monitor specs: https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/3ab5f5b Panel: M350QVR01.7 My que
  9. Where which program? I knew you could oc your monitor but havent really found anything good
  10. WOW how did you oc your UW to 215??? I am stuck at default 100, would love to see 144.
  11. I was going through the options: Metal could carry electricity, contacts, etc.... Expensive, Wood is fantastic though the potential for fire is very high. I would rather not give it the slightest chance to burn me and my setup (also room) during sleep. Cheap. Acrylic Glass breaks, very expensive etc, not made for tjis type of stuff. I thought using cardboard would be simple and quick but it could also catch fire very easily. What are my options for a cheap hdd 3.5" rack?
  12. On what exactly? Both scenarios have the same RPM, the same fan and size. An "it depends" is virtually useless and sounds far from an educated thought. An "it depends on surrounding factors such as room temp, humidity ..." sounds more educated and like a sincere attempt to think abou the question at all
  13. I will keep it short. I was wondering, theoretically what is going to result in a cooler airflow / colder air temperature from the following two scenarios. Scene 1: a fan (regardless of size, lets just say 140mm) blows at a bunch of ice cubes. Scene 2: a fan (same size as S1) blows at a bunch of ice cubes, which are surrounded by water, be it submerged or in a containment that allows the ice cubes to cool off the water (like alumn.). Which scenario will result in cooler air?