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  1. ^^^ When you still have no better response.
  2. ^ When you don't have a better response
  3. I'm sure that's your face all the time but yeah, still funny. Even funnier that you would call something that small an argument then post it on your profile like a trophy. Amazing.
  4. Lol, never saw this hilarious snip here until I came across your profile today. How to not argue a point: "MY THING IS BETTER, END OF STORY."
  5. Woah that edit. A developer/publisher being greedy is exactly why you would blame them (Cough WB Cough)
  6. I haven't owned a console in 3 years so I don't know where you're getting this console lover thing from. Also I would welcome you posting this on the subreddit.
  7. Fair enough, I don't particularly remember PCMR preventing these occurrences so I guess you're trying to say that consoles are ruining it for PC gamers. This is not true at all, the blame shouldn't be put on console or console players but developers. If they choose to put their game on 3 different platforms it's their responsibility to optimize it for those platforms. This is very subjective and very arrogant. Who's to say what someone else buys is a bad decision. I highly doubt that. But COD 4 is 10/10
  8. Please don't act like you know me, yeah I enjoy CS GO. I also have and play GTA V, BF4, Witcher 3 and plenty of other games.
  9. Uninformed, ignorant, dumb. All of those words you could use for him, yes. "filthy console peasant" is exactly why I hate PCMR. It was funny for like a month when it was a satirical joke but now people use it in complete seriousness and it's just cringe. I would gladly join PCMR if it the focus on putting down console gamers or trying to "convert" them to PC would disappear.
  10. Considering you already have a laptop I would say get the PS4 especially because you have both work and college in which you're going ot want a fast, easy gaming experience.
  11. Yeah, no. You make defenses like that all you want is doesn't change the fact that I see PCMR kids calling other people peasants because they say they bought a PS4 or something like that. You can pretend what you want it to be all you want, it doesn't change what the community actually is and how seriously some kids take the whole peasant thing. Also no, just no. PC wouldn't be dying off. I don't know if you realize this but PC gaming has existed for like 30 years before PCMR was ever a twinkle of a joke in Yahtzee's eyes.
  12. Actualy I'm a huge fan of Totalbiscuit. I also support Gamer Gate. Still fairly irrelevant to PCMR. I rarely see anything on PCMR relating to consumer rights apart from a review of a PC port every now and again. It doesn't change the fact that you guys refer to each other as "brother" and call console gamers "peasants". I like the community part of PCMR, I remember seeing a piece where one of the members donated a 970 to a kid building his first PC. That's fantastic. I hate the overlying fanboyism and the need to put other people down for their choices.
  13. Somebody doesn't know what maturity means. Also yes, I know what PCMR is, I read the Reddit every now again to point and laugh.