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  1. Yee i think thats a bad route. Not only is there more competition, but there is little pay compared to other fields. If you want to be in the games industry and make good money, i recommend graphics programming. But you MUST take multivariate calculus and other math seriously.
  2. Does anyone have ImGui 1.69 working with font showing up in their openGL project? The default font isnt working for me and i cant seem to load fonts. Ive checked them and still trouble shooting. If anyone has a project with it that i can peak, id really appreciate it. Edit: i can load fonts, i check them and they arent null. I cant push fonts.
  3. @Unimportant Thanks! I really appreciate that. I definitely got my work cut out for me. But it pays off to make sure things are done right. Especially considering the functionality ill be adding in the future. Its a learning process. Ive been programming for like 6 months, and wasted a lot of time learning java, python, etc. Im trying to progress and specialize as fast as i can now! I actually didnt know you could get the pointer to the member char* via "std::string::c_str"
  4. Im working on a render engine and eventually a complete game engine. I put my project on github, and im ready for a code review if anyone wants to give me input! ? Thanks in advance https://github.com/Kamjam21xx/KameronsRenderEngine/tree/master/src/OpenGlCourseApp
  5. Hello, are there any fellow graphics programmers? i use openGL. im only asking because if not, i just wont ask for help with GP problems in here.
  6. Hello i really need help getting my lighting into tangent space to work with my shadows and all that. its straight up phong, not blinn-phong. im really confused, because my code does not reflect any tutorial since ive been trying to take the hard route. im completely for what to do. can anyone help? here are my shaders. you can ignore the messy parts. my phong lighting is neatly packed into functions. you can ignore the if statement at the end too. please help! Vertex Shader #version 330 layout (location = 0) in vec3 pos; layout (location = 1) in vec2 tex; layout (
  7. c++ is my favorite. i dislike generics, and the chains of not having pointers or stuff like java. c++ is great. but i hear a lot of people arguing about c++ vs rust
  8. This qoute is something i needed^ It certainly feels like a hard field. My cousins husband does it professionally, and he said they have had people with masters that dont do so great. Thanks for the insight. Ill have to study more to really understand, but i know a good place to start now.
  9. Wow... that kinda describes my path, except im learning 3D graphics programming and multivariate calculus now too. except i literally did the map wrong... lol 1. doesnt matter i just want the money 2. get a job 3. im interested & its fun 4. just want to get started 5. the really hard way Result: c++ but i started with c++ then c & java, then python, then openGL & glsl. i would %100 percent recommend the hard way. ive been going at it for 4.5 ish months now. I constantly want to give up, it constantly feels too hard, it
  10. i'm trying to optimize my shaders while im adding to them. Is there a way to avoid "if" statements in calculating shadow maps? I know "if" statements could be taxing in the past, and dont have a clear answer to if they should be avoided now days. I just know they were a big problem for older cards. For example: my code below.. vec4 CalcLightByDirection(Light light, vec3 direction, float shadowFactor) { vec4 ambientColour = vec4(light.colour, 1.0f) * light.ambientIntensity; float diffuseFactor = max(dot(normalize(Normal), normalize(direction)), 0.0f); vec4 diffuseColour =
  11. So i was using c4d and i had 2 points i needed to move... well ive been learning software engineering and figured " hey i would add this feature if i made c4d , lets try it. " and sure enough.... you can do this for you variables. i was blown away, i thought i knew every trick lol. you can type math problems into your variable values spot, and itll solve em and apply em. maybe im just dumb, idk. thought it was cool
  12. Oh sorry, this is a picture inside of C4D! My render engine is openGL entirely, i have textures, lighting, camera, mouse control, movement keys, specular, diffuse, a skybox, and some neat things similar to PCF. I still have a ways to go on that. Im planning on learning Vulkan too, and started with openGL because the transition isnt suppose to he hard. But i was told openGL is easier to start with. Like i have to add animations, bump maps, reflection, transparency, etc.
  13. I dont think you have to be amatuer to have the full array of digital media production skills. I already made my own 3D graphics engine, im improving it and using it to make a side scrolling 2 player arena game like super smash bros (but with droids and guns). I honestly hate uv wrapping & unwrapping + texutring (however it feels awesome to actually have good texturing on your 3D models). But ill do it, and ive been 3D modeling all of this for it. But i honestly started when i was 6, so most of it is second nature to me. Programming im newer to the professional side. My game/re