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    Pesky Ngon reacted to Nayr438 in what are the "Pro Drivers" for vega64 please? apparently i need them, but i dont know where to get them.   
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    Pesky Ngon got a reaction from HanZie82 in all games locked at 4FPS   
    hi again. his pc was in a hard to reach spot so he unplugged it to install SSD, he had plugged the GPU into the wrong spot and this fixed most games, however warzone is still the same as before, despite the fact the settings say its using the 1060. so still a bit lost. currently in the process of uninstalling and re installing but dont know if that will fix it.
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    Pesky Ngon got a reaction from King Unicorn in Building new pc to upgrade, need help planning   
    damn, id forgotten how expensive they used to be. now, at low capacities, SSDs are cheaper than HDDs of the same size. 
    hope you enjoy your build dude
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    Pesky Ngon got a reaction from AbydosOne in radeon software, custom (inverted) fan curve for modded vega64.   
    that's perfect, I cant quite get 0% because the minimum is 10% speed, but I imagine that will be close enough that I can work out if its 12v or 5v. 

    and I can get 5v and 12v from molex. ill do some research into how to make the inverted logic thing. thank you so much for the information dude. you've probably just saved me several days of work.
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    Pesky Ngon got a reaction from Enderman in missing capacitor(I think)on X399motherboard socket. does this need replacing, and how should I do it?   
    wow. fair enough man, I apologise. ive been looking at dozens of x399 mobos in auctions and this is the only one ive seen with this layout for the caps, even when searching google for images of the socket. i thought those two little silver pieces were the solder for where the cap was mounted, and the black colour was so close to the rest of the plastic in the socket i thought it was part of the same thing. thank you for the info and pics, you just saved me from blowing up a motherboard. and sorry for not taking your comment seriously. 
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    Pesky Ngon got a reaction from Jordan_C21 in 1GPU, 2PSUs   
    planning on doing something a tad jank, so wanted to get some opinions from those with more knowledge than me.
    I have a vega 64 I want to use in a secondary system but I only have a 500w psu with a single 8 pin. they recommend a 750w psu for the vega64, but those psus are pretty pricey. so instead, I was thinking of buying a second hand phanteks power combo device and a second 500w psu. this would cost me about 35%less in total, and give me more upgrade options in future. this would provide more than enough power in total, but it would mean Im powering the psu with one 8pin from each psu. would this cause me any issues? 
    I would really appreciate any advice on this before I blow up one of my most expensive parts.
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    Pesky Ngon got a reaction from dfsdfgfkjsefoiqzemnd in malware fuck up   
    thanks for the extra info. I wont bore you with details but after looking into it more, im 99.9% sure the malware is delt with. even if it is still there, im not worried because I have an image back up of all my data. I appreciate the info you gave and will keep it in mind in future if I have any more problems. thank you.
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    Pesky Ngon got a reaction from Enderman in quiet mic   
    yup, I knew It might cause driver issues to go from intel to amd so completely new install
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    Pesky Ngon got a reaction from lmeneses in wtf is wrong with this memory stick!?   
    it might be a UK thing, im not sure. quite a few people around here call it that, infact its more common than calling it a USB stick.