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  1. No, it did not come with a manual but a wire was connected to it
  2. Hi, Can someone guide me where to connect the RF plug on my motherboard, I have no idea where to connect it.
  3. hey guys, does msi rtx 2060 super ventus oc 8gb gddr6 have display port ++ because i am really confused if i should get an active or passive display port adapter. I would like to buy a passive adapter for my secondary display.
  4. Hi guys, I want to buy a 550w psu for my pc with rtx 2060 and ryzen 7 2700x. the website says that the psu has a 550w nominal power. what does that mean and is it fine on not?
  5. will be planning using an egpu Akitio Node with Lenovo yoga 730 with i5 8gb ram
  6. any other graphics that u can recommend under 400 usd
  7. Hey Guys, is an RTX 2080ti a good gpu, is it safe to buy it for under 400 usd from ali express. Can u plz link any other cards that I can buy under 400 usd
  8. please send the link of the laptop, because I cant find a good price for the xps 13
  9. i7 or i5, tb3, 13 inch under 900 usd
  10. Good Day everyone, can you guys please suggest me a cheap tb3 laptop ( i7 / i5 ) under 900 usd. please send the link too.
  11. do u guys have any other budget laptops with at least mx150 or tb3, and i7 under $800. plz send me the links, where to buy them from.
  12. hey guys the new hp 13t 2019 now has a 10gen processor, does this mean it will now be supporting tb3 according to the 10th gen cpu specs. Should I buy this laptop for programming and light gaming. hp envy 13t :https://store.hp.com/us/en/ConfigureView?catalogId=10051&langId=-1&storeId=10151&urlLangId=&catEntryId=3074457345619343820&quantity=1
  13. I am a computer science and electrical engineer student, If the product does transfer at 40gbs then the graphics card has to work, because the desktop grade graphics card has its own power supply, but when connecting the tb3 supported cable to the device it will charge it.
  14. jeyi thunderbolt 3 m.2 nvme enclosure supports tb3 with 40 Gb/s of transfer speed, if u attach a laptop external graphics dock and hook up a Graphics card on it. Can somebody research on it and try it out? Reply if it works link for the jeyi thunderbolt 3 m.2 nvme enclosure : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32952100894.html
  15. Linus why don't you sell your pre-owned tech. I would love to buy your high pre-owned tech.