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  1. I'm gonna participate this year too with the Asus 1070 i won last year in this contest ? Watercooled and overclocked to 2063mhz
  2. This is so awesome I can't believe it to!! Congrats @givingtnt!!
  3. what did the pc do during 12h? it look like it was idling or you did lite internet navigation. you should try 12h or more of occt or prime95 stability test to be sure its 100% stable. start it before going to bed is an easy way to do it. if you have error you have to do some tuning in the bios and test again until you have no error. http://www.ocbase.com/index.php/download --> do the cpu occt test Try this only if you get error on the occt test: i found this site that give bios setting you should try. its not the same motherboard but you should have the same se
  4. I have this processor and i also had some stability issues when i installed it. Did you tune your bios setting? The stock setting are usually not good for this processor. You have to set the cpu the same way as a 8350 that is overclock to 4.7Ghz. Boost the voltage, CPU Load Line, etc. Took me a while but i got my Fx-9590 to be full stable for 24h on prime95 at 4.7Ghz no turbo boost on a 360mm aio kit. Since then i have no more crash on wake up or when i game. Be sure to look at the right cpu temps and the VRM temps. these should not get pass 65-70 degrees celcius under heavy loa