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    Photography | Exercising | Meditation |Playing with Adobe Programs | Video Games | Computer Hardware and System Building | Massage Therapy

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    I like to do a lot of research, reviews for things that I am interested in.

    I like to use the internet primarily for practical reasons. Mainly for business, reading the news and any research that needs to be done.

    As for about me, My name is eric, I have been a computer repair tech since 2009, Been actually reparing pcs and laptops since 2005. Recently in 2011 I got a Canon eos 60d DSLR camera, ever since then been pursuing a photography career with it.

    Feel free to leave a personal message about anything. I am quite the understanding person.
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    Photographer@UCDIR | Computer Repair Tech @ Self Employed


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    Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz
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    Z97 Deluxe NFC & WLC
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR3-1600
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3GB Superclocked ACX
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    Corsair 750D
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    CORSAIR 860AXi
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    ASUS PA248Q, Acer
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    Corsair H100i 77.0 CFM Liquid
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    Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 ; Logitech G13
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    Logitech G700s
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    Logitech Z506
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    Windows 8.1 (Soon to be Windows 9 Beta)
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  1. Right now I use Itunes to stream my digital video collection. I am wondering if Plex is still a go to solution or if there is something better than Plex? To my understanding Plex automatically organizes, sorts, tags and applies the cover art with information to the file to the videos. Does it only do it through the service, or does it attach the data directly into the metadata of the file?
  2. Yes I did, I've got it to where I just need the TPM Header now. All I need is a TPM 20-1 pin module. TPM-L R2.0|Motherboards|ASUS Global Amazon.com: Asus Accessory TPM-L R2.0 TPM Module Connector For ASUS Motherboard: Computers & Accessories Sadly its unavailable. this here Everything else checks out fine, UEFI is set to go, Secure boot is set to go. And the video specifically says they go as far back as what generation again?
  3. Did you follow the reboot so system info shows it is in UEFI? I had the same issues, BIOS showed it was installed as UEFI, Windows system info showed legacy. Once I did the master boot record GPR command prompt in the video it worked. The only thing I need is the tpm part. If you can get that going it should work for you!
  4. I just need to know where I can buy the TPM chip for an ASUS Z97 DELUXE NFC motherboard? The rest of it, I have gone through and done. Currently downloading the ISO file as a just in case if something goes south. My suggestion is to put a backup copy of your Windows 10 on a USB or disc. That way it can be slipstreamed without worries. I'm not sure how to do this for Win10, I've done from XP to Windows 7. After Win 7 i stopped making slipstreamed discs/usb installs. So yea, just need an ASUS tpm chip for an intel motherboard.
  5. Asus Z97 deluxe platform, Windows 10 Installed. Up until last week my bluetooth audio was working and paring just fine. Now it will not pair with any BT audio device correctly. It will show it is "Connected" yet will not register in the sound settings for playback devices, or it does show in playback devices and will not connect there. As you can see here. I've tried reinstalling windows 10, resolved a few issues. I've updated the driver to BT, I've restarted the audio and BT services. I've tried resetting the default to the Bios (that did help) momentarily. Side note: This m
  6. Topic: GPS Tracking a child.... I'm with Linus on his thoughts. Thesis: The what if scenarios are scary. Pros: Is there room for improvement.. Yes there is! Do we need to use this in a leash parent kind of way... No Helicopter parent as others have said... No In certain scenarios this device may be beneficial. Rather than having a GPS tracking device for older children. I would love to see one that can alert a parent of many kids that one of their children is X feet away. This may not be useful to a single child or a family of 3.. However, lets say you have a 8 children.
  7. First, I am a technician myself. Secondly I have a first time dilemma I have not faced. Drive0 = 1tb Drive1= 500gb Drive1 was originally the operating system.. Drive0 was the storage device. Upon taking the said computer to a computer repair shop the tech there swaped the OS and the Data drive. So now Drive1 500gb = data storage and Drive0 1tb = Operating system. The critical part is what software or how can I recover the previous partitions which contain the data that my client wants with it already being formatted and something installed over the previous partition. I've bee
  8. @LinusTech Just got done watching the finale on your channel. This video came to mind that i saw not to long ago for help with cable management. You could create Faux walls/panels to tuck your chords in. Enjoy.
  9. The image below are the Lian Li series I was speaking about, they are smaller cases that are said to be wall mountable. So you can mount these on the wall or even put up a very small shelf to hold this up. I did see the adjustment, I was thinking that it would be lower. Perhaps share the website you will be making your purchases off of so the Western world could help you better. I do know one man who may help you out quite well. I am unsure if he is on here. I'll send him a link so he could share his input.
  10. 32 gigs of ram instead, switch to an x-99 chipset. Go for a silent build with a case that that offers dampening. Linus has the quite silent build using the x-99 ws. Make sure your cpu cooler has fans that run at dba you enjoy. Replace them with thr noctua or corsair sp quiets. For a smaller er form factor look up lian-li pc 06 and pc-07 series. (Trade off for form and silence). Swap out the gpu for a quadro if you're going to do 3d applications. It will handle the renders much faster. Why the greens over the blacks?
  11. As for a monitor and graphics card goes. Will you print at a lab or be purchasing your own printer. Put this perspective into a timeline. When and if. How accurate do you want your colors to be asus pro art and Dell ultrasharp are great for starter in the Srgb color space. If you ever want to use a wider gamut such as adobe RGB. Then a 10 bit gpu such as a quadro should and could be considered. To learn more. Here is a forum article http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2605177/nvidia-titan-gtx-980-gtx-970-support-bit-color.html my advice is the quadr
  12. I am currently building a new computer geared strictly for photography. I need to know on the X99 Chipset which CPU is better for the price per performance. The I7-5820k is MSRP 384.00 usd while the intel Xeon e5-1620 V3 priced at 300.98 USD MSRP.. Any advice on the trade off of each of a pro vs con would be appreciated. articles, links, personal experiences etc etc. Our budget is 1500 to 1700. I am trying not to break the bank of going above that on the desktop only. Link to the build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/rCxkFT if there are any suggestions on which Quad kit channel wi
  13. I'm in the same boat and instead of running 9.2 I went to 9.3 I really want Cydia and Ifile. Mainly the Ifile to get Jarvis to replace Siri.
  14. With a recent purchase of a smart thermostat by honeywell. i got to thinking about Ecobee3 from there I noticed it was integrated with Apple Homekit apps. Did some further research and was led to insteon, schalges, philips hue and other things. My question is What are some of the community members takes on automating the appliances, lights and other electronics through out your apartment / home? Where would you start? What is your review/take/opinion? Favorite company? Is it worth it now? Will it be worth it in the future? Insteon Apple Home Kit Accessories Please share your wor
  15. I tried installing the google app sync.. that isn't working either.