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  1. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/ektg8u/chinese_spyware_preinstalled_on_all_samsung/ A reddit user discovered that the Storage section of the Device Care software that Samsung uses in their Android distribution is made by a shady Chinese company named Qihoo 360. This company is well-known to use shady tactics and trickery to install adware and spyware on users' products. Using Wireshark, the reddit user was able to confirm that the company does indeed send data back to chinese servers, under at least two domain names: 360.cn & 360safe.com. To make matters worse
  2. Jesus fucking christ, look at the comments on that article. It's fucking pathetic the lengths people go to defend Apple. The term sheeple is real for a very evident reason.
  3. Hasn't AMD said, multiple times, that Navi is still based on GCN and is their last one that will be? Why are people saying it isn't now, I haven't seen any indication of this anywhere.
  4. And people defend them in the US, lol. It's almost like US intelligence committees have research and information they don't release to the public when deciding companies like this might be spying! Wow, shocking!!!
  5. GPU cracking can very much be done, no server hardware necessary. Hashcat is definitely the best password cracking program available right now, it definitely seems to do some magic with the hash rates it achieves. It all comes down to hash algorithm anyway. GPU resistant algorithms will actually run better on a CPU and hashcat can do it too. But yeah, websites that don't do things properly may be hashing passwords in MD5 or SHA1 for example and those can brute force passwords of like 12 characters, even more when the character space is smaller than it should be.
  6. Maybe I didn't read the article closely enough and I'm kind of tired at the moment, but your assessment of the article seems completely opposite of what their overall point was. They say the Natural color profile is accurate, not Saturated. Saturated is tuned for DCI-P3 which will only look right specifically for content tuned for it.
  7. This is really stupid and entirely missing the point. Sure Intel had a 12 core on Xeon. I said 6. Half of their server offering would have been more than easy. Either way, you're missing the obvious point here. It's not to have higher core counts, but have software that takes advantage of it. Yeah, it's not mainstream right now. I pointed that out myself already, if they WERE for sale 5 years ago, it WOULD BE mainstream by now.
  8. The real damage done here is to all the software we use. Had Intel at least had REASONABLE releases, like 6 cores around 2012, 8 cores around 2015, and 10 for 2017 to now sort of match where we ended up anyway, developers would be programming with increased thread count in mind all the more. Optimization would be nearly a decade ahead of where it is now. Intel essentially held the world back a decade in computing with their greediness. Makes my blood boil. Remember, developers target hardware that's already mainstream, they don't target future hardware.
  9. It's not about users seeing phone numbers. Companies sell personal information all the time. Like I said, Discord is FREE service, and had no monetary option until Nitro released. They have to make money through other methods. There's a reason they refuse to use end to end encryption: if they did they wouldn't have access to all your chats, voice data, shared links, files, etc if they (properly) encrypted it all. So I'm just giving everyone a reminder/warning: Be careful linking your phone number to discord. There's no telling who it gets shared with. Edit: Secondarily,
  10. Alright I'll post a different issue that is very on topic. My intent was never to argue, it just always gets to me when people disregard real issues and try to pass them off as "it's only me" or other nonsense. I apologize for my side of it. BE WARY LINKING YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO DISCORD. Personal friends of mine have had a sharp increase in spam calls after doing so for other communities they are a part of. I refuse to do it personally. @ LTT Staff - I hope you guys can look into replacing the phone number requirement with something else eventually, but I understand the
  11. This is incredibly stupid. It doesn't matter what field of science or math they focused on. It's basically a way of honoring their work. Besides, all those fields ARE related to computing. Processors are basically the culmination of all branches of physics, engineering, and math.
  12. Synergy turned to complete shit after the devs turned into complete asshats. It's a shame Linus has been advertising for them so much lately.
  13. Their new outlook on xbox actually makes me want one. I love the whole W10/XB cross-ownership thing they have going where buying it on one platform means you own it on both. It makes me want to get an xbox one x for the living room for couch lounging gaming and can switch at any time to my PC for more serious stuff, even for the same game.
  14. Wahh words wahh!! Actions make someone racist, not a pattern of sounds.
  15. I will never understand people complaining about stuff like this. "We don't have 8K content and barely even have 4K! What's the point!" The point is that content creation won't get pushed forward until consumers start asking for/needing it. The more people with 4K and 8K TV's, the faster its use will roll out. There was hardly any 720p content and virtually no 1080p content when HDTV's first hit the market. This was my prediction for years, all the way back in 2010. That 4K TV's would hit the market but become the "720p" of the next generation, where 8K will roll ou
  16. It's not just about collisions, GPU-accelerated password hashing absolutely plows through them, with a Titan X Pascal able to do nearly 40 billion md5 hashes per second. There is absolutely no excuse for using an ineffective hashing algorithm, especially md5. They aren't "good enough" and that is the exact line of thinking the lazy engineers at huge companies use that end up having huge security breaches, like LinkedIn. It takes minimal effort to implement an appropriate hashing algorithm over md5 or any other bad choice. There's literally no excuse to do so. Security is immeasurab
  17. You were right about character set in your post but everything else is basically wrong, ESPECIALLY this part. Do NOT use sha256 or even worse md5 to store passwords, EVER. It is a pathetically weak hashing algorithm. While salting and using many iterations definitely improves its effectiveness, it is too error-prone to still actually consider using. Make sure to use a good, long, unique salt and to use an appropriate hashing algorithm such as bcrypt, scrypt, PBKDF2, or Argon2.
  18. Unfortunately this new fad of picking random words to form a "statement" isn't very secure anymore for various reasons. Many times, password fields are truncated to a certain length, and I don't necessarily mean when they give you an upper limit on password length. Many times they truncate silently at some given length. Even so, it's extremely easy to use different rulesets with a dictionary attack to break passwords. It's not advisable to do this. The most secure passwords are actually the random chains of characters like OP is thinking. However, you want to use all 95 printable A
  19. I wasn't aware you could "print" a backspace which seems useful and cool to know, so thanks for kind of teaching me that. Now, for the program. It's actually far easier to iterate over strings in C using a pointer, since they are just arrays of characters. #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { char str[] = "These have one space between. These have two spaces between.\n"; char* ptr = str; int count = 0; printf("Before:\t%sAfter:\t", str); while (*ptr) { printf("%c", *ptr); if (*ptr == ' ') { count++; if (count == 2) {
  20. Honestly concurrency is something (almost) nobody should try to pick up on their own. It's an incredibly complicated concept and the likelihood for mistakes skyrockets. Basically the most important part about multi-threaded programming is: Does it REALLY need to be multi-threaded? If not, don't do it. Concurrency and all of its included concepts is something that really needs to be studied with help from a professor or professional. I can't even imagine doing it without being taught first because something as simple as deadlock can occur and without the proper knowledge you might have zero clu
  21. Because then it actually has a new feature to warrant releasing a new titan card? I can't believe I even have to explain this.
  22. Are you stupid? I'm saying they should have given the fucking thing double precision capability so that it actually isn't a gigantic "fuck you" to people that bought the first titan xp.