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  1. I know we got some brains here, Is there a way to use the discreet graphics to play the game and the vega intergrated graphics on a 2400g to process the data for obs? One pc, other equipment could be anything. use your imagination. Thanks for replying.
  2. Jay Deah like myself is looking for an aura-sync controller to control the lights from the pc, unlike Jay Deah, i have ARGB 3 pin lights not standard RGB four pin lights. Jay Deah has standard RGB four pin lights. My current controller has one button that cycles through colours and paterns (not very nice) I and Jay Deah are looking for an aura-sync controller, preferably one that plugs into the computer for data (USB or somthing) so aura-sync can control the lights.
  3. Ya, it sounds like it is crashing before it actually shuts down, "error code: 0xc0000225 means Windows cannot find the System Files used for booting" if you cannot repair or use system restore to rollback you could try booting into command prompt and running "sfc / scannow", but at this point I might be faster to backup what you need with a Linux live usb key and reinstall. P.s. I have never had windows 10 startup repair work.
  4. I have signed up for the forum, and am folding on the LTT team 223518 under my forum name but when i look on the team list, i am no there, is there something i missed for the setup?