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  1. Agreed, I wouldn't trust most of the free services, especially with VPNs, where your data and security are at risk. I read this article in which talked about all the scams of free VPNs and lifetime subscription VPNs. They listed out some features that a legit VPN service should offer, such as no logs policy, encryption protocols, etc. I went with the cheapest VPN I could find, which was Surfshark, but there are plenty of other choices like ExpressVPN, TunnelBear, CyberGhost, etc., just do a little research and see what suits you best.
  2. Just ordered a book, it's called Brandwashed. Quite eager to receive it since I feel like it should be really interesting to read about brand marketing techniques and how far they actually go to advertise to us.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's so that people would be tempted to upgrade their phones more. It's quite mean dishonest what they're doing, especially from the consumers perspective...
  4. How is Tower of Time, is it good?
  5. https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/kingslayer-bundle This Bundle :)
  6. Well you shared the page where I found another sweet deal, so thx anyway ;)
  7. https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/kingslayer-bundle Wow look at this sweet deal! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Exactly, it's not about single individuals and their unique habits, but gather a couple of mil user data and you can start doing accurate predictions about their behavior. Everybody already talked a lot about it but Cambridge Analytica did just that and achieved "positive" results. IMHO we shouldn't think about it like "what they're gonna do with my data I don't care" but ask the question what social engineering purposes it may be used for. On the bright side, there are tons of VPNs to choose from right now, I have Surfshark on my Android usually on wherever I go, if I need my real IP I just w
  9. Ok sorry for the stupid question, but these giveaways, will I be able to activate these games on steam?
  10. Yeah, these discounts are huge, thanks a lot! Will have a chance to play through the games
  11. Exactly, the fact that it's in your amazon's message center is really not the most solid proof it's, as you say, 1000000% legit, and if you think this e-mail sounds not fishy, that has an HTTP header from one of the main internet giants then you're seriously naive.
  12. Can you reach out to Amazon, at least for the guys here, for them to confirm something happened? Because the e-mail looks totally fishy, that http from Amazon, come on...
  13. It looks stunning, just makes me wonder, why are they going for these spin-offs and not directly for a new Half-Life game. It's been asked a thousand times before, I know, but still...